1) Haha I am not sure about that one. The band name is intended to express a semi-apathetic outlook on life, that you do a bunch of stupid stuff and then pass away having accomplished nothing of value. It is the wrong way to live but is a view seemingly shared more and more by the masses. So in that sense I would say it is not possible, but who am I to say.

2) I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure of viewing either of those films, but The Phantom Menace is one of my favorites in the Star Wars series.

3) I believe the imaginary band you're talking about may already exist. Pussy Riot is a Russian punk band that consists of various female members who all wear masks and use different stage names. They are strong advocates for equal rights across genders and speak out against Putin. I think it is an awesome idea.

4) Canada has a strong and diverse music scene and it is definitely exciting to see it grow! For most genres you can name one Canadian band that has found worldwide success with their work. I am especially proud of all the local artists in the Edmonton area as well as our neighbours in Calgary. I've had the pleasure of seeing and playing with some really great local bands over the past year in my home town. On a global scale, Montreal's Arcade Fire who experienced great success with The Suburbs have announced a new album for this fall which I am definitely looking forward to.

5) Mad Men is really great and I definitely recommend it. Unfortunately I do not have Netflix and missed season six when it was on TV so I have to wait for a while to buy it on DVD.

6) There is a possibility that We Only Say Goodbye will see a physical release. Probably just a limited amount on CD to give out at a show that I might be playing in late August, or just to give to friends and supporters. However I already have the idea for my next project in the works which I hope to record proffesionaly and release on vinyl.

7) Drink lots of coffee. Thanks for the interview.