Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Asps [Interview # 102 // PJ]

1) You are a duo, so if you disagree on something who gets the final say? Who is the tiebreaker?

I guess me and Philjo have different strenghts and weaknesses. Philjo is defo the most technical of the both of us and he designs all the instrument sounds and programmes everything. I on the other hand am more melody and obviously, vocally driven. I also write all the acoustic compositions which we have not yet added to the demo's we have on Reverbnation. I would say it was an equal footing, if we both strongly disagreed about something, we would both take stoke of the otheres thoughts and compromise.

2) You are on both Facebook and Reverbnation, but how about Band Camp or an official site to buy your music in physical form?

We are not really selling the demo's on an official capacity. We are releasing them to allow feedback with them. Once the album with Ron Nevison is complete, it will be for sale on all major sites.

3) Though you do not currently live there, you are from Poland, the land of polka. I'm of Polish descent, and my grandparents never miss Jimmy Sturr or Lawrence Welk. Is polka as big in Poland as I think it is?

Apologies, we are not from Poland, this was done by mistake while taking out a Polish advert last year for the band.

4) Your musical style can tend to jump all over the place and always keep people guessing, sort of keeping your out of specific genres. Was this intentional so as not to be pigeonholed?

Our musical style has progressed over the last 4 years and we are getting onto a level footing with the songs. I beleive that while its good to stay clear of specific genre's, thats not a choice we as the artists can make. People will alway categorise us whether we want it or not, I dont really care either way, I am a fan of the POP SONG. All songs are pop whether its rock, punk, classical in it truest sense. The semantic change to POP as a genre came about with the spewing out of trash in the late 80s by companies like Stock , Aitken and Waterman. All details are lost in a song and looping is born. Laziness in essence is born. Listen to a song by a band like Eurythmics or even Wham, listen to the detail in these songs, no repetitive choruses or verses, poppy but true Classic Pop. Then listen to the backing tracks for early Kylie Minogue or Rick Astley. Its Karaoke music where voice and song separate. I know what I like and I progress what I want to use, I take from everywhere when I write, metal, rock, dubstep, all these songs posess melodies and melodies are the key to good songs.

5) Final thoughts, questions, shoutouts, etc.??

We are building up the demos so please check us out on

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