Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Have Mercy Las Vegas [Interview # 103 // Stephen]

1) The thing that triggers my mind the most when I see your name is John Stamos in Full House.  Was that intentional?

Not intentional, if we were to relate to any American tv show of that era it would probs be baywatch... Our singer had a penchant for short red shorts, see this video:

2) You have Las Vegas in your name, but are from not there.  How does that work out?

A couple of us have been to Vegas... There's a cool bar called The House Of Blues... It has Have Mercy Las Vegas in neon writing along the wall... We thought it was cool, and named the band this after Vegas showed a friend or two no mercy...

3) Your debut EP came out about a year ago now.  Any plans for a full length?

Yup... We're about half way there on our first album, aiming for release at the end of the year.

4) If you could tour with any two bands who would you choose and why?

We'd tour with anybody! Would be an amazing experience travelling with other people who loved music as much as we do! But we'll go for Mumford and Sons as they have been a great influence on our music, not just the sound but their attitude towards love music and sense of enjoyment on stage, secondly we'd have The Staves, beautiful girls who make beautiful music. If any of them happen to read this our bass player Marc is available for dates!

5) Final thoughts, questions, plugs, bet on red??

We're looking forward to supporting a tremendous band called Fossil Collective in King Tuts in October, check out Facebook page - for full details! We hope to have our first single from the album ready by then too!

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