Wednesday, July 31, 2013

School Knights [Interview # 111 // Michael]

1)     When I was in high school, my guidance counselor told me that there were reports I was acting lethargic.  It is one of the few things about high school that has stuck with me, and now your album from this year is titled “Lethargy”.   So does that mean high school was not a complete waste of time?

High school is definitely a total waste of time. I'm sure you would have learned that word somewhere else.  I learned it from my dad, who used it to describe how I acted during my high school years, so I guess we were both pricks from an early age.  

2)     My high school mascot was the blue devil; though I’m sure he probably has since been changed to something more religion friendly.   Do you feel like one day schools with knights as mascots will be deemed offensive until all mascots just become… I don’t know, clouds?

I'm glad we are staying with this school theme, I guess it's our fault for having this dumb band name.  I hate every school that has a knight as a mascot, because it makes it impossible to google our band name. I think all schools should have pussy mascots, my high school was the jackrabbits, it was in the hood area of long beach, ca and our football team kicked everyone's ass.  

3)     Your album “Lethargy” is available as a cassette from Bridgetown Records.   Do you feel that cassettes are the superior form of musical playback?

I think they're the cheapest, they look cooler than CDs and they're real hip. I would prefer vinyl but we aren't good enough to have anyone pay for that shit. 

4)     When deciding to name your split cassette with Pacific Pride, did y’all just decide that you didn’t want anyone to search for it ever, and so that’s why you called it “Fred Durst Sex Tape”?

Hah, we are idiots and we were even dumber at that time. I wanted to get Fred Durst's signature tattooed to my chest (he signs things as Durst 3000). For some reason, I have always thought I was funny so that's the kind of alienating shit we did, our first full length was called All Dawgz Go 2 Heaven and the cover was a picture of my ass. 

5)     How did Crash Symbols let y’all get away with that anyway?

Crash Symbols is an awesome label, Dwight and Jheri are weird funny dudes and I think they thought it was funny too. Just look at Jheri's company 'Forever 23', he is a man who appreciates parody. 

6)     Was anyone other than me kind of disappointed that it wasn’t full of Limp Bizkit covers?

I hope there was disappointment for the masses. I honestly don't know if I've ever heard a Limp Bizkit song, but I have seen Fred Durst's thin dick. 

7)     Being from Denver, Colorado, would you ever consider covering the theme song to Denver the Last Dinosaur?
Damn, I honestly have no idea what that is, but if we were going to make more music as School Knights we would definitely do that for you. We aren't really from Denver, we just ended up living here. 

8)     Final thoughts, plugs, shout outs, odd animation references, etc…??
School Knights is dead, if you liked our music check out our new/other bands: Homebody, The Octaves, Stillborn Fawn, Blood Incantation, Pacific Pride, the Mathildas, Black Hole Forever, Openers, and more.  

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