Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Holydrug Couple [Interview # 109 // Ives]

1)      Your name implies that you are a couple, but isn’t it more of a solo project/group collaboration?  Are you just trying to mess with us like the Ben Folds Five?

Aaahh. In the first years I was composing for a two piece band, guitar/voice, droning keyboard and drums. And then I thought that I would like to make an album more complex with more arrangements like bass and keyboards or whatever. Holydrug Couple initially is me and Manuel (Drums) Creating this dual world, heaven and hell, sky or earth. We now have friends usually playing with us those instruments that our two arms can't handle.
What about Ben Folds? Maybe his fist is inside his mouth.

2)      Y’all are from Chile.   Did you know that traditional Texas chili does not contain beans?

I didn't know nothing about that, and what about that alternative Brazilian chili with coconuts and pinneaples???

3)      What kind of drug is holy anyway?

I think it has to be with that type of drugs that makes you pray after you take them. Like the red wine that the priest drinks at the church. The blood of Jesus Christ.

4)      What other bands would you recommend listening to from Chile?  Will you make a Chile shoegaze tour and bring it to the states?

Any sound coming from Yeah, that would be awesome. We'll be like the fuzziest and delayed parade ever.

5)      How is Sacred Bones treating you?  They seem like a good label.

They're the coolest ocult knife collectors in the entire planet.

6)      Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??

Big hughs to everybody. We desire eternal happiness to anyone who reads this interview. 

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