Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pytra Oyster [Interview # 112]

1)     What is a Pytra Oyster and what is the significance of it as the band name?

The name comes from a dream Noelia (one of the guitar players in the band) had about 15 years ago. She dreamt that she was the manager of a band called Pytra Oyster. She remembers opening a box filled with vynil albums and reading the name on the sleeve. When she woke up, she wrote it down and thought it was a good name for a band as it didn't mean anything yet it looked like a name and surname, and it sounded good. Recently, a girl inferred it could have some lesbian implications as it came from a dream and it suggested a stone oyster. That could also be possible, who knows.

2)     What is the music scene like in Spain?  Is there a big post rock sort of following there?

I guess the problems which affect every scene affect music in Spain as well although other European countries such as France have more ways and means for helping musicians. But music has always been a rough path. You have to do it because you love it. In Spain in general and in Barcelona, where we live now, in particular, there are many promising new bands, people who are taking advantage of the fact that you don't need the traditional industry to back you in order to record and publish your work and are thus releasing very interesting and varied music. In that sense I think things are quite promising. But things get tough when it comes down to promoting your music and playing live. It is harder to find venues because city halls demand bars and music venues to have many and expensive licenses, therefore the venues which invest that much money need to get a profit out of every concert so they don't pay musicians and/or rent them the place, which is unaffordable if you're starting and don't have much following. I wouldn't say there is a post rock scene although there are many good bands which have their public. 

3)     Do you feel as if your band is proof that music is so powerful it can transcend language barriers?

I don't know if we are a good example because we don't sing much, hahaha. And when we do, we sing in English (our foreign like English, anyway). The reason for doing that is that we feel a bit embarrassed when we sing in Spanish, we haven't found the way to communicate what we want to say in our own language, so when we sing in English it feels like we can listen to ourselves from a distance. I'm sure the band will change a lot with the passing of years and at some point we would like to choose words by the power of its sound and meaning, despite the language, so we would like to mix the languages we know in songs, invent new words even. Because, as you imply in your question, music should be powerful enough to transcend language barriers.

4)     You released a self-titled album back in January this year.   Any new music in the works for later this year or next year?

Yes, in fact that wasn't a proper album. It was a demo we recorded at the rehearsal space. Last September we recorded nine tracks live in a studio, we did it in three days and then we had to record voices and overdub some guitars. For many reasons that was delayed and we are now in the process of mixing. We really hope to have it ready some time soon, before the year ends anyhow.

5)     Will you ever have physical releases, such as a cassette or record?

That first album will be released in physical format, CD for sure and, if we can afford it, vynil.

6)     Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??

Web sites such as Raised by Gypsies are a very powerful tool for both musicians and the public. The altruistic work they do to promote and discover new music is priceless, but we are becoming a bit lazy. We listen to a lot of music on the Internet, watch live shows, music videos, etc. and then we don't feel like going out and spending money on a concert ticket. We have to protect live music, because that is the place where good things start, so go to your local bars, concert halls and what have you and support little known, emerging bands!

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