Wednesday, July 31, 2013

i'mdeadtome [Interview # 115]

   1)  If you are dead to you, aren’t you dead to everyone else too?
Ben: Nope!
Doug: This question is the same question that is continuously asked about time travel. No one truly knows they answer. They just speculate some bullshit which I wont put you through.
Mikey: No

2)    2)  Do you feel like the series “Dead Like Me” got a bum deal by having that crappy movie to sort of end it?
Ben: I had to Google what that was since all I could think of was the movie “Like Mike.”
Lil’ Bow Wow is a genius.
Doug: The series Dead Like Me was nothing but pure gold. Also it had the dude from the Princess Bride which just added to my joy.
Mikey: No
3)    3)  I first found your band because you released a cassette on Turn of the Century Records, I love Deathdealer and so I bought this bundle from TOTC and your tape was in it.  What has it been like being a part of TOTC?
Ben: TOTC was run by our good friend Billy Brown, so it was a great joy to work with someone we’re so personally close with on that release. And while TOTC is currently not actively releasing more material, ours or otherwise, they did a great part in helping us out when we were first starting, which we’ll be forever grateful for. We also were able to get closer to other local (Chicago) bands like Acidic Tree because of this.
Doug: What is a TOTC?
Mikey: No comment.
4)    4)  Since I was born in the 1980’s, the idea of records never really clicked with me, but cassettes are something I enjoy buying current music on.  Do you feel as if cassettes are the best form of listening to music?
Ben: I am personally more inclined to listen to vinyl above all else, and I think that’s a common sentiment throughout the band.
Doug: Vinyl and digital free stuff. Tapes are cheap.
Mikey: No.
Nate: The only thing I have to add to this interview is that for me, it’s vinyl, then CDs, then tapes because I’m a stuck up audiophile.
5)   5)  Is there any way I can get a copy of the self-released cassette only available on tour if you don’t play my city or I’m too anti-social to leave the house?
Ben: If we have extra copies when the tour is over, we’ll probably sell them online or something. But if not/you’re based internationally, send us a Facebook message or an email and maybe we can figure something out!
Doug: Well we’re also releasing an EP in fall/winter that has all the songs on the tour tape and more.
Mikey: No comment.

6)     6)  Whoa whoa whoa, there’s four of you.   Shouldn’t you be called “We’re Dead to Us”?
Ben: I’m a Physics major, fuck grammar.
Doug: No.
Mikey: No.
7)    7)  You have a split with NOHEALTH on a 2XFloppy Disk.  Have I gone back in time again?
Ben: Yes.
Doug: Floppies forever.
Mikey: No.
8)      8) Final thoughts, shout outs, death threats, etc…??
Ben: Shout outs: Alex Roman, Gas Up Yr Hearse!
        Death Threats: Alex Roman
Doug: No comment.

Mikey: Myself.

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