Friday, February 1, 2019

Music Review //
"Uranium Heart"
(Propeller Recordings)

Every so often, maybe once a year, a song comes along that just makes me think "That's it.  That's the anthem of the year".    Though sometimes it can feel like it should stretch on for more than a year, I definitely have "I Call Bullshit" as one of two songs I really love this year and, yes, because of all that is going on in the world and especially within the United States, I want to call bullshit on all of it.   I feel like if I was better at planning we could've arranged some sort of event where everyone called bullshit on something the day this album was released.

"Uranium Heart" begins as a quiet, minimal synth sound with big vocals.   It reminds me of Enya somehow but by the second song, "Revolution", the pace grows faster and synths really kick in.  "I Call Bullshit" is in the third spot and I love it so perfectly captures not only my mood thirty two days into 2019, but my mood for quite some time in the past and probably to come in the future.   "Everybody's making excuses / Everybody looks pretty useless" pretty much sums up the trends on Twitter these days and it's one of those things where I don't know why I read it but I do.

"Mexico" reminds me of that Nicki Minaj song "Fly", where it starts off like "I came to win", but technically that's Rihanna singing so maybe the song reminds me more of Rihanna then.   These songs are just beautiful with that synthpop/dreampop feel, even singing about going out in a hail of bullets feels magical.   "Out Of Order" is powerful, perhaps a more modern day version of Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train" with the lyrics "I am a runaway child / I'm out of order"

The titular track begins with an acoustic guitar riff while "Stick With You" reminds me of Polly Scattergood.   By the end we go out on dreamy space synths.    I feel like even if you listen to "I Call Bullshit" and go "Yeah! That is the anthem of 2019!" you'll still hopefully listen to the rest of these songs because they deserve it.   This is just one of those albums that when you hear one song, it pulls you in and hopefully you stay.    If you've heard Highasakite before, you're in for a treat here.   If you've never heard Highasakite before, you're really in for something special.   Just press play.

[Side Note: Sound off in the comments as to what you call bullshit on if you want.   [Editor's Note: If you come back in twenty years and no one has commented then delete these lines!]]

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