Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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Whenever I see letters that are in place of other letters (Such as how there is a "V" here in place on a "U") I always think of how on Twitter someone will censor a word so that it can get past someone who has muted it.   This has always annoyed me because if someone doesn't want to hear about Trump, for example, and mutes the word "Trump" then why do you have to be the jerk who tweets about him and says "Tr-mp" so the person who doesn't want to see his name has to see it?

In any case, this song has big beats like something out of the soundtrack to "Run Lola Run" or "Go" and then the vocals kick in and make me think of Peter Gabriel.   It can feel mechanical in its delivery, but it's a lot of fun and really kicks in with these synths and something which I can only describe as a slide whistle.    It makes me want to get up and dance and not enough music does that these days.   Though it's a light overall feel there is still that chorus hook of "You better hit it right now".

One aspect of this song which also plays such a roll in music today is that it's a single song but it has certain vibes that could take it in different directions on an album.    What would an album from FVLCRVM sound like?  Would it have those strong, 1980's/1990's vibes like Peter Gabriel?  Would it become more like How To Dress Well and artists like that- RAC, for example- who I listened to more in the early 2010's.   In some ways, I could even imagine a song with a rock break down, thinking about this being part of an album like "Foiled" by Blue October.

Music needs to begin defying genres more.   There aren't many good reasons why, in 2019, we can't have songs like this which just leave you guessing.  (Unless you want something like just a great, pure metal album, which I can also respect)  Would another song by FVLCRVM also carry this electro-dance vibe to it or would it go in a related but slightly different direction?  These are some the best reasons to make this your party jam as well- because you don't want to know how your night will end, so why would you want to have a predictable playlist?

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