Monday, February 4, 2019

Cassette Review //
CLR + illegal tapas Compilation # 4
(Crass Lips Records)

$5 // //

What I like most about this cassette is that it's this combination of artists I know and artists that I don't know.   If you have a label and you have ten releases out by ten different artists and you decide to make a compilation and just put those ten artists on it, sure, it works for people who have never heard your label before.   And I'm not saying it's bad because labels always used to do this back in the day (like the Epitaph Punk-O-Ramas) but I always felt those types of things were more like samplers than compilations.   Sure, show me the artists I know, but give me something I haven't heard too.

So there are 32 songs on here and I'm going to try my best to get to every artist even if it's just my first grouping of "You should know them" which will start... now: The artists you should know because I've reviewed their cassettes and they are on Crass Lips Records include Carrot & Stick, Wombo, Mr. California and the State Police, Attitude Robots, Bleeders, Street Rat, Glass Body, Uroi Urod and, of course, Period Bomb.   Now, Forced Into Femininity is on here and I've reviewed a cassette for her as well, which was on Pop Nihil and artists like Street Rat have cassettes on that label as well, so there's a lot of... I don't know if I'd say cross promotion or synergy but I love whatever it is.  (Community?)  NONZOO is also on here and I've heard their cassette on Already Dead Records, which is also home to Period Bomb sometimes.

Whew!  Did you get all that?  Okay.   You're going to hear some familiar voices.   But then there are some on here I'm hearing for the first time as well.

Susan Sandra is wild, lo-fi sounding rock with drum machines and high pitched vocals.   It has a lot of energy.    GHOST FLOWER has a wild bass line and feels trippy.    Spring Breeding starts their song with this loud alarm that will drive your neighbors nuts.    It returns in all the chaos of the rock music and I'd love to drive around playing this song to see if people thought someone was in trouble.   This also turns into a great rock song with screams.   Someone point me in the direction of more Spring Breeding please.

I'm afraid I'm going to talk about a song on this compilation and have the artist come back to me and say "Hey, but you reviewed this cassette of mine! Don't you remember?"  Sorry.   Sometimes I forget. (Like when your hair was wet)

ZAAT has a darker rock sound and R. Stevie Moore is legend and if you don't know who he is do yourself a favor and explore his many, many, many, MANY albums.     Cop City Chill Pillars is a fun, distorted punk song that kind of sounds like robots.   Sojii is like if Suicidal Tendencies was fronted by Ari Up.    Borts Minorts has these crazy electronics with laughing and just this style between math and video game.    Torgo is dark like sludge/metal with whispering and COQ is punk... so punk.

Sadie has electronic looping that makes me wish I had more synonyms for "wild" and "crazy".    Timo Ellis has a instrumental, magic song which feels out of place with the riot that seems to be going on with a lot of these other songs but I like it.  Dino Felipe is like R. Stevie Moore in the way that he is also legend and this song somehow features Sharlyn Evertzs, who I once wrote about here.   Tom Boil starts as some intense rock but kicks in pretty heavy and it feels like it just took the party to a whole other level.

LUBE has these acoustic strums and electronics and it kind of blends well into the dreamy, sad rock of Almighty Opp.    I don't know why, but "Hey There Tiger" might be my favorite song out of all of these.   Jeremy's Band is about as loud as you would expect from someone named Jeremy.   It feels like we're on the run from the law though the grunting implies something else.    It's a little bit like The Vandals as well.    Oh, and "Nice Kabob" is seventeen seconds everyone needs to hear.    So whether it be a song you have heard, one you haven't or even one you don't want to hear, you should still hear all of these songs.   When people ask "What kind of music do you like?" send them a link to this.  It's what I'm going to start doing.

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