Friday, January 11, 2019

Music Review //
Damon Mitchell
"Elise" // // //

When "Elise" first starts there are pianos and it's on the lighter side, reminding me of that one song everyone seems to know by The Turtles.     As it goes on I feel the song could also resemble Beach Boys and throughout the song I just feel like the pacing of it and the whole idea of it being light but not too light makes me instantly fall in love with this EP.     It's really just what any opening song on an album should be because if you listen to this song it will decide your fate as to whether or not you will like what follows.

From a pop ballad to a harmonica, we get to "License Plate" and I feel like the song has this Americana vibe to it but it also sounds like something which would be fun to drive while listening to and though I think maybe the title is making me think that even without any words I'd feel the same.    "Salo" has that Dylan cool feel to it and by the time we near the end there are horns and it takes on the form of that coffee shop/jazz type of feel.   It's funny because if you didn't like the first song you might enjoy one of the others but I feel like it should be more of test where if you don't like one you don't get to listen to the others.

Somehow, this EP manages to end on the titular track- which I don't know if I've ever seen that done before- and it has this Tom Petty drive to it.   We're really entering this age where music is no longer singular in the sense that you pick a genre or sound and stick with it.   It used to be easy to compare people with Bob Dylan or Elliott Smith but now you can have a song that sounds like them but an overall album which sounds quite different.   I think it's a good place for music to be- to defy what would otherwise have you stuck in a genre years ago.

Though they may or may not directly influence the sound, I feel like Damon Mitchell could be in league with names like Elvis Costello, Queen and even Sir Elton John.   I'm not saying it's how his music sounds exactly (Though maybe sometimes you can pick bits of them out) it's just that while the songs can all belong to the artist they can also take on different sounds so they belong to different genres.    The future of music is bright and it's shining right before our very eyes.

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