Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Les Techno
"Closer Look"

Though I am a product of the 1980's it doesn't cease to amaze me that when I hear a song like "Closer Look" and have those thoughts of a song such as "I Ran" it doesn't take me back to some real life scene from "The Wedding Singer" but rather that popular commercial for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.   Isn't it a strange thing how music can do that to us-- remind us of something it seems it otherwise shouldn't?

Magical electronics, this has that feel of one you would get on the dancefloor for during the days when the clubs were full of people doing choreographed dances.    Remember when all the characters would just randomly break into a dance number to some song during a movie in the 1980's?  This song makes me feel like that, and yet, maybe it's because of it being that time of year but I also feel like this could be out of the movie "Better Off Dead".

Singing about wanting to bottle your fear and killer guitar riffs, I'm not sure if there are any modern aspects to this song or if it mostly feels like a throwback to the days of Duran Duran and Oingo Boingo, but regardless of when it is from the fact remains that you can listen to it right now and that should help you in your day to day life, which in many ways is what matters most.

Words are spoken by the end, perhaps an audio clip, and "Closer Look" feels like a long lost song from some movie that had Robert Downey Jr. in it before he was really known and it was a bunch of teenagers up to something which could either get them all thrown in jail or have them be heroes.   As we know though, a good song could end the problems in any movie in the 1980's (Who cares? Let's dance!) and though that might not be true in reality, Les Techno is here to help you try.

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