Friday, July 20, 2018

Record Review //
Bloodcocks UK
"Hot Sushi"
(SquidHat Records)

$10 // //

Only recently did I rewatch the remake of "Bad News Bears", you know, the Richard Linklater one with Billy Bob Thornton, and it's one of the few movies that I love the original but I enjoy the remake as well (I tend to despise remakes when it comes to movies)   When I was watching it in the last few weeks, I was looking up the characters and realized that the main girl who starred in it died a short time after at the age of 20.   That kind of caught me off guard because I didn't know about it until then.   Anyway, this all makes sense with this review because in that movie the main girl and this boy go on a date to see a skate punk band called Blood Farts (portrayed in the movie by Phantom Planet) and the names just kind of reminded me of each other here, with Bloodcocks UK and all.

As someone who is a huge fan of Godzilla (and Japan in general) "Godzilla Go Go" is a great way to start this album.   "Backdoor Frankie" is kind of what you would expect it to be about if you put it in the context of being the title of a porno.    Somewhere between Guttermouth and Electric Eel Shock, Bloodcocks UK create their own kaiji named "Ratzilla" on the third song and it's a movie I want to see made now.   There is also this sense of the Ramones in these songs, though of course since they sing about Tokyo a lot it also has that album sense of Guttermouth's "Teri Yakimoto".    As much as this is about Japan though (And it is *a lot* about Japan) it is also about rock n roll, which is cool, because it's not just that punk sound but it's punk mixed with rock n roll.

"Girls" does not seem to be a cover of the Beastie Boys song, but luckily it is not about that terrible HBO show either.    We get it, HBO.   You can show full nudity.   Now how about try showing some full comedy? (Nothing but love for Larry David though)  On the flip side we start off with a song called "Zombie Porn" and it's kind of funny because that ties in with the last sentences I typed, if you think about it.   I understand the idea of "Zombie Porn" and I'm sure there's some movie out there called "Zombies vs. Porn Stars" since Zombies seemed to have versused everything (Doesn't it have Jenna Jameson *and* Tito Ortiz in it? I'm afraid to look it up) but I do know that when I go visit porn tubes the closest I get to "Zombie Porn" as a category is "Goth" but perhaps they're onto something here.   Is putting on full body zombie makeup and fucking what we have to watch to get off now?  Probably.

Going back into my Guttermouth idea, they do have a song after "Zombie Porn" which is filled with more words which would be edited on the radio than not.   It also has this deeper, grinding sense about it and I do enjoy how the songs have their own identity based upon the subject matter and it's not just "And here is a song about this" and then they all sound the same.   "Mothra vs. Frankensein" is a concept I would entertain but at the same time I feel like Mothra would win easily.  Still, I've seen worse movies so why not, let's do it.  I have this Mothra toy so I'll get some fishing wire and a Frankenstein toy of some kind to go with him.  Let's do it.  (Though, on a side note, my Mothra toy lives on shelf with books right above a shelf which has more books and a Bela Lugosi as Dracula toy on it, so there's also that)

I'm not sure why, but the idea of "Hot Sushi" sounds gross to me.  Granted, the first time I had sushi was at a Chinese buffet and I thought it was gross- because it was- but since then I've had a lot of proper sushi and I am a huge fan of it... just... not... hot.    "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" closes out this album, which if I post these in the order which I am listening to and writing about them you'll already have read about the song being on the 1977 compilation as well.

I feel like there is a lot to process on this record.   It's a 10" record and only recently did I see this photo on Twitter showing all of the various sizes of records (I only knew about 12" and 7", to be fair, but yet now this is my second 10" record.  Wild)   This album also makes me want sushi, but not hot sushi.   I want to see a movie or comic book about "Ratzilla" now.   I want "Zombie Porn" as an option on my tubes (I won't link names cause I don't need that spam in my life)  And perhaps most importantly I want to find the right Frankenstein toy and make a video for "Mothra vs. Frankenstein", which I will totally do.   When was the last time a record made *you* want to do so many things??

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