Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Record Review: Graham Dunning "Way Too Much Time" (ADAADAT.)

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Edition of 300 // //

We begin with what sounds like a car horn looking with beats behind it.  It's like a short piece of the song "Low Rider" was grabbed and put on a loop with a steady beat to enhance the rhythm.   It has this jungle/tribal feel to it, which does seem odd to say considering what I'm picturing in my mind is making these sounds.   The pace picks up and this really begins to intensify now.   Some sort of crackling is in this all as well, which kind of makes me think a plastic bottle is being crushed in a certain way.   It has that bottle return room" feel to it, even though it also still feels like it's somewhere between the ghetto and rainforest.

The sound drops off into something more spatial.  There is a sort of beat rhythm to it but it is not the same as before.   It's more like we're lost in the void of space and what can only be thought of as guitar strings bring through some plucks and twangs to where they almost begin to resemble a banjo.   A slow beat creeps into the background and a cymbal like high hats joins it.    A jingle-jang of a western feel comes out now as well, as it feels as if I'm riding around on a horse and want to call other people "partner".

A sort of scratching sound brings in whirrs through waves and it feels as if something is washing up on the shore.   A larger cloud of distortion comes through with all of this as well, like it has suddenly gotten windy but it also just feels like it's destruction, the end of everything.    It seems only fitting that this wave of static would wash over everything as this brings us to the end of the first side.

On the flip side there is a more immediate, faster paced beats which reminds me of "Alias", "Run Lola Run" and all of the artists I tag with those movies.   It doesn't have to be dance music, but you're going to want to move to it.   Synth tones come through in such a great way that I don't even know how this is made in comparison with other electronic based music but the elements do not seem to be the same.    I really want to sing with this song.  I can put words to the rhythm in my head.   "I know you want to but don't you".   "I know you Ronnie so don't shoot".   I come up with new ones every time I listen to it, which is incredible.

Laser synth comes in and out now with a scrambled sort of electronics behind it.   A Pong type of looping comes into this now as well.   It has a certain video game feel to it, but not in a typical sense.    This slinging sound comes through next and it could be some sort of percussion instrument but what it makes me think of is someone having a container to carry their change in but it's not full so the quarters are shifting around and creating this sound.   I used to use the little container film comes in to keep my quarters together when I did laundry and so that's how I think of that, but now I do my laundry with a prepaid card.

As it breaks down into just those synth tones, this is how the record comes to an end.   I've heard the music of Graham Dunning on various formats but this is my first time experiencing this music on vinyl.   It has a distinct sound to it on this medium I feel "Way Too Much Time" is a definitive example that music should be on various mediums but also you should know your as it can work so well with your music.

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