Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April 2018 Most Listened To But Not Written About Releases

111x "Aches" (Infinite Machine)

Animal Flag "Void Ripper" (Flower Girl Records)

A Place To Bury Strangers "Pinned" (Dead Oceans)

Archie and the Bunkers "Songs from the Lodge" (Dirty Water Records)

Ashley Paul "Lost In Shadows" (Slip)

Blackwater Holylight "Blackwater Holylight" (RidingEasy Records)


Bonander "It's a Girl"

Computer Magic "Danz" (Channel 9 Records)

Cronaca Nera "Maniac" (Signora Ward Records)

The Division Men "NiƱos Del Sol"

Forth Wanderers "Forth Wanderers" (Sub Pop)

FUTURA "Spit On The Flag"

Grouper "Grid of Points" (kranky)

High Sunn "Missed Connections" (PNKSLM Recordings)

Hop Along "Bark Your Head Off, Dog" (Saddle Creek)

If, Bwana "WTF 10: Trumpet, Amplified"

Jonston "Los sentimientos" (Gramaciones Grabofonicas)

Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John (American Laundromat Records)

Kini "A Room of One's Own" (The Sublunar Society)

Marlo Eggplant "head/rush(ed)"

Mega Ran "Mat Mania: Battle Royale"

mmph "Dear God" (Tri Angle)

Norrin_Radd "Cartoon Network Match Land Original Soundtrack"

Olympus "Band On The Gum" (stabbiesetc)

Primitive Calculators "ON DRUGS" (it records)

Sarah Davachi "Let Night Come On Bells End The Day" (Recital Program)

Senketsu No Night Club "Senketsu No Night Club" (Signora Ward Records)


Speedy Ortiz "Twerp Verse" (Carpark Records)

Spielbergs "Distant Star EP" (By The Time It Gets Dark)

Spotting "Demo CS"

stanleystanley "in light of everything"

This Way North "Vol. 2"

Tirana "Una vida apartada" (HiJauhUsb?)

Ubik "Demo"

Vanessa Amara "Manos" (Posh Isolation)

War On Women "Capture the Flag" (Bridge Nine Records)

we could die here "we could die here" (BLUDHONEY RECORDS)

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