Friday, April 27, 2018

Cassette Review:
Igor Amokian / Psychiceyeclix
"Lunar Skimatix"

Everything with Tingo Tongo Tapes seems to be a small adventure and I kind of like that about them.    This cassette came sealed- air tight- inside of plastic.    Without easy reference on a Bandcamp page I had to search as best I could to find this cassette in the virtual world.  I was able to find Side B easily enough on the TTT SoundCloud, but Side A wasn't as easy to track down and as per the link I provided it appears as if there might only be one song to listen to not on cassette.  I also found out that that Tingo Tongo Tapes SoundCloud page encourages you to buy their tapes and provides you with an email address but no sense of what they have to offer, how much they might cost, etc.  It might be as simple as "PayPal us $20 and we'll send you some tapes" and that's kind of cool to me.

Side A is from Igor Amokian and this is an artist who has been on I Had An Accident and even Bonding Tapes more recently so I am familiar with this name.    Drum machine beats and static skips accompany electronic looping.   It sounds somewhat like electronic music perhaps out of a video game title screen but then screeches and other whirrs come in to make it sound more closer to glitch.   On some level I think of this as being at the race track with cars flying by, but then it also goes into these video game sounds which are more 8bit and make me think of "Pole Position".

There is a sound like a helicopter and then lightbulb scratching before we get back into the larger, apocalyptic beats which just seem to bring this part of the cassette not full circle but it has a nice beginning and an end.     This also made me look a bit more into Side B which is by Psychiceyeclix (Who you can say as "Psychic-Eye-Clix" because all I can see in it is the word ice haha) and so I'm going to conclude halfway through this cassette- and review- that this is a split called "Lunar Skimatix", though why the songs of Igor Amokian are not out there digitally (that I can find) are a mystery to me but a better reason to buy the cassette.  (Email Tingo Tongo Tapes!)

Laser shots give off a pinball type of sense.   There is static and someone seems to be talking during this as well, but only a few words here and there and mostly in the background.   Screeches take us through shots fired and I hear some definite robot sounds like Wall-E.   It has started to sound like the great space war.    Someone says "Enter" in a robotic voice and then it sounds like either submarine sonar or Pong.  This brings out more video game sounds but also what I can only describe as a robot dog barking.   There has to be some sort of video game somewhere this sound is lifted from and I just don't know it, right?

We shift focus into a dance number now.    This unfolds into some static glitch now.  I'm sure one of my neighbors thinks I'm on dialup.  Laser shots fired now.   Beeps come through in an emergency type of way, some sort of alarm.   Slowly, the sounds begin to shift to that of power tools.   There is a certain construction site type feel to it before it ends and I feel firm in my belief that this cassette is on that level where you know it exists because I'm telling you it exists and you might not know how to get it exactly, but you should go out of your way to track it down and listen to it because it is that damn good.

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