Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Music Review:
R. Clown
"Doc Told Us to Meet at 5029 York Blvd. for a Very Very Special Night of "Lights! Camera! Action​!​" or Wowee! The City Sure is Scary"
(OJC Recordings)

I'm not sure what it was that attracted me to this release.  Is it my somewhat unexplained fascination with clowns?  Perhaps.   But I also think that for some reason I thought the title was a reference to "Back to the Future" and that got me on board as well.   Either way, this is from OJC Recordings, who I have some catching up to do with apparently, and well, this is just plain wild.

At the heart of it all, I would call this rock n roll.  There are lasers made by keyboards.   Drums that are machines as well.   And it's not so much that it's angry or heavy as it is stern in the delivery, strict.   It could easily be pegged by the wrong people as "avante garde" or "art punk", but at the end of the day this has some new wave qualities and I want it to be thought of as somewhere between Weird Al and Oingo Boingo (because it is really "Weird Science" after all)

On top of all of this, there is a carnival feel to it as well.   This makes me think that perhaps it is intended to be some sort of "clown rock" (And if you watch the video on the Bandcamp page it will show you them playing in clown makeup and noses) but regardless, clowns or not, this is different.   It's unlike anything you've probably heard before and that's a lot of what makes it so special.

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