Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cassette Review: Folie à Deux "Illness Is Business" (Crass Lips Records)

For those who don't know, Folie à Deux is a French term for "madness of two" and can even go so far as to mean that you wish to impose your madness on someone else.   Needless to say, this music is created by a duo and at times it even sounds like they are at odds with each other.    I don't know if there is a standard type of style throughout these songs because when one of them changes so does this other, as this seems to have two songs going on at the same time, though neither would feel complete without the other.

"Illness Is Business" begins with screaming, which turns into growling and it has a hardcore/metal sense to it like something along the lines of Converge or Daughters.   The songs like to tell you not to say words like "masturbation" and a lot of times the song titles are the chorus which can be amusing.    There are these sort of higher pitched vocals that come in (which are part of the other identity of this music) and I'd say it even somewhat channels System Of A Down.

Though this could somewhat be thought of as punk, a band like Sprung Monkey who is more diverse seems more appropriate though Folie à Deux is a bit heavier than Sprung Monkey.    A song such as "God Hates You" sings "God hates you and so do I", which should come to the surprise of no one really.   This music is just that right on lyrically.    By the end there are these funky punk guitars with big drums and I need to point out that I watched this video last Halloween for the song "Chumbala Cachumbala" and if you dig around listening to songs in similar ways, sometimes the vocals on this cassette can sound like the vocals on this song.

Recently, my father was in the hospital.   It was weird how he had this interaction with doctors and I had discussed with him many aspects of the things which they wouldn't talk to him about.   Doctors see patients as numbers, as money and really as medicine.   If doctors aren't prescribing you pills, they're really not paying their bills.  (And that goes for a lot of things in life, by the way, from your iPhone to your car), so the idea that "Illness Is Business" is rather personal to me in the sense that many people could be cured of what plagues them if only so many other people weren't so concerned with money.

I also need to remain on my mental health pulpit long enough to say that a lot of people might listen to this cassette and hear this music that seemingly is having an argument within itself (Which is totally rad) and it could be diagnosed as schizophrenia.   In all actuality, schizophrenia is not what that is as many people think and that's dissociative identity disorder (Which there is a great show about called "The United States of Tara")  So I guess in many ways you can say that this music stands out because of the sound of it- you could play it loudly in a crowded and most people would be into it but still unsure of it at the same time.   But perhaps if it gets a conversation started about mental health, well, then it's just doing the Lord's work. 

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