Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Music Review: Mega Ran "STRANGERS"

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As much I as am a fan of "Stranger Things" (and I am), I always said and felt like it took some of the spotlight away from "The Get Down", which to me was a much better show.   So the irony is not lost on me that we have Mega Ran putting together beats, lyrics and audio clips from the show to create these songs dedicated to the show that isn't about hip-hop. 

It took me maybe a week or two after everyone else watched Season 2 to watch it but I've finally caught up and since this EP came after Season 1 but before Season 2 I'm hoping Mega Ran does another one at some point, if nothing else for the homie Sean Astin.  I think that would be a fitting tribute, no?

What is this EP anyway?  Are people who don't watch "Stranger Things" going to even care about it?   I don't know.   Maybe listening to these songs will make you finally break down and watch the show.   I mean, I love "Stranger Things" but before the Season 2 premiere Netflix had this clock on my home page, counting down the seconds until it dropped.   I've never seen them do that with a show before and maybe "Stranger Things" deserves it.  Who am I to say?

All I know is, the show got us this collection of songs and that's all right by me.   If you don't like "Stranger Things" as a show then "STRANGERS" might become that Mega Ran album you don't rock all the time (or ever), but for fans of the show, even if you're only like a 65% fan like me, yeah, I suggest listening to this one because how many other Netflix shows have their own EPs like this?

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