Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Music Review: 0° "RIT▽ELS" (La Souterraine)

From the second I pressed play on this album I was in love with it.   Zero Degre (which is easier than the copy/paste thing) has spoken words over singing to create this sense of poetry but the music which accompanies it is sometimes not what you would expect.    I've wondered where The Beats went and this might be an answer.

While there are these hints of jazz layered over pop, you would expect that in an overpriced coffee shop with some guy on stage wearing a turtleneck, but the thing is, as this album progresses you will hear more than just that.   There is this sort of 1980's space sound coming through and it even can turn into something like "Stranger Things" on the fourth track.

There is very much an idea of jazz improvisation in here, but I still imagine this artist as performing not in clothing often affiliated with poetry and perhaps touching notes on a keyboard while reading words out of a notebook while others play music along as well.    There are these electronic tones some artists make as music on their own but here, Zero Degre adds in drums, especially the high hats, and it's sooooo good.    Distorted walls covered in poetry is an excellent way to sum this one up and I cannot recommend it enough.

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