Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Music Review: Los verdaderos "-TV 014 Hits"

I began listening to this album because it has artwork like a j-card (And it says it is in an edition of 50, but has no link for purchase so I'm just streaming) [Edit: In the bio there is an email address you can contact for ordering.  I see that too late haha] and I am particularly fond of such things.   So as I did a Google search for the name, it will loosely be translated to "The Truths", I believe, and more importantly I just think it comes down to what the message this band is trying to convey is true in the face of the liars who surround them.

Somewhere between hardcore and punk rock, you can sing along with this one even if you don't know the words or, um, language, you will eventually get the rhythm down and know when to put you fist in the air.   Hints of Stretch Arm Strong and Good Clean Fun both come out in here and I know that in my youth I heard a lot more bands like this but, man, they just don't make them like this anymore.

The song "Claudia" is just a goat doing its goat thing the whole time (Is it bleating? Is that the term?  Dammit, with the Yard Goats in Hartford I should know this)   The fast paced guitars can even remind me of a band such as Guttermouth, which I genuinely enjoy as Guttermouth is my favorite punk band of all-time.

Side Note: I imagine some fans who do not speak English might read this.  I wonder how certain words (like Guttermouth) will translate for them. 

I don't know why exactly, but I have found myself fascinated by music that sounds very much like a band from the United States only the lyrics are not in English.   I guess to some extent it proves that it's not always what is being said in the lyrics that is as important as the sound.   This has that energy-- maybe not anger but rather passion, dedication I'd say.    It also can all be tied back to the simple idea that music is the tie which binds us all together as humans, not love.    So throw your fist in the air and start that pit, this is right on!

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