Friday, September 29, 2017

Music Review: Andrew Weathers Ensemble "Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall" (Full Spectrum Records)

When listening to music, one of the biggest aspects of it which I feel I have become a fan of lately is when an artist is able to combine two seemingly separate sounds to create one new sound which is not only unique to them but also executed rather well.    Andrew Weathers Ensemble takes that sort of ambient drone feel of electronics and combines it with the acoustic guitar notes and singing of something which could be considered folk.   On paper (or a computer screen) it might not read as well as it translates through the music itself.

There are desolate guitar notes mixed with pleasant tones.     Through an ambient, sort of FNL sound comes singing as well.    At first, I thought of the singing as being comparable with someone from the 1990's rock genre- Temple of the Dog, Mad Season or even Alice in Chains.    As the songs go on though you can hear something else in the vocals, something more like a folk singer and the words can sometimes even drone out on their own.

A certain gospel sound exists within the music, as if it is being recorded in a church setting and there can also be hints of a banjo.    It can be instrumental as much as there is singing-- I won't properly measure it but this one might go 50/50 in that sense.    Acoustic guitar strums mix with buzzers and then we get into this sort Oriental ringtone which remains while the singing comes in.

My favorite song on here is called "We Already Exist Forever (We Will Eat)" as it just has this great build to it, the entire time.    I will be the first to admit that this music might not be for everybody (But what music is?) in that it can be more difficult for people to process the complexities and crossovers.    If it was divided into two pieces- so one was an instrumental, ambient electronics album and another was a folk album, it might be easier to understand but I'd rather have music which pushes boundaries. 

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