Friday, September 29, 2017

Bianca Gisselle [ Interview # 197 ]

1) How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before? I normally say my music is pop soul. I take a lot of inspiration from 60s pop and Motown but I also love combining that with modern production. 
2) Who are some of your biggest musical influences? My influences span from the classics like Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Aretha Franklin to current artist like NAO, Sinead Harnett, Jack Garratt and Gallant. 
3) Would you ever consider releasing your music on cassette? (You do have a SoundCloud playlist called "Side A”) My previous ep was called Get Back to Love Side A because we actually had too much music for an ep so we decided to split them up. My next ep will be released later this year called Get Back to Love Side B. But I like the cassette idea a lot!
4) Between "Bang Bang" and "Ghost" you seem to have a certain amount of love for music videos.   I grew up watching music videos on MTV before I went to school.   Do you feel like music videos should be an almost essential part of music once again?  I definitely think its essential. I love being able to bring my music to life and seeing what other artists do with their videos. Its another form of storytelling which is what we do as singers and songwriters. 
5) There is a famous professional wrestler- Cactus Jack- who uses the saying "Bang Bang".   Were you aware of this when you created the song of the same name? Unfortunately I don’t follow wrestling so I wasn’t influenced by him.   
6) If you could collaborate with any artist- living or dead- either for a cover or original song who would you pick, why and what would the song be? I would love to collaborate with Otis Redding on an original ballad. He just has such emotion when he sings, you don’t even need to see him in order to feel what he’s feeling. And his lyrics are so honest, anyone can relate, we’ve all been there before. 
7) You are also an actress.   In terms of someone who both sings and acts, such as a Doris Day if you will, was there any single person you saw that made you want to do both music and acting? There honestly wasn’t a person that made me want to do both. I just loved both so much and have always juggled the two. It is awesome to see people who do both so well like Donald Glover for example. 
8) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc... ?? Stay tuned for a new ep later this year! Hit me on up on the socials @biancagisselle 

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