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Baseball Blog ::: Bluefish 1, Bees 6 [5.15.16]

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Our first unofficial New Britain Bees game saw them take on the Bridgeport Bluefish and as the stars would align we were back at New Britain Stadium (aka The Hive) for another game between these two Connecticut based teams.    The weekend was set for a Bees vs. Bluefish series but on Friday the game got rained out and so this was a doubleheader to make up that game.    On Sundays, the Bees do a special pre-game autograph signing where you get to go on the field and meet the players so that- and the game being during the day- was one of our biggest reasons for going to the game.

I was informed as per Facebook that the on field autograph signing would begin at 12:35- when gates opened- and last around fifteen minutes.   As I usually tend to do, I felt rushed for time up until we actually got there.   The Book Mobile was there and if you donated a new book you got a free ticket voucher for another Bees game.  Gina and Quentin went into the Book Mobile to do that while I waited in line and then eventually I got in and ended up waiting inside for them.

Gina had some trouble with the Book Mobile because they wouldn't give her two free tickets for turning in two books- I had to give them one and be presented a ticket myself.    So she wanted me to go back to the Book Mobile but I wanted to go to the on field autograph signing.    We had nothing for the players to sign, so we also went to the shop inside and purchased one of the team logo baseballs which is all white- an item they didn't have last time we were there.   They actually had a few new designs in terms of baseballs I will be picking up over the course of this season.

So just to quickly recap- in the time that it took me to get in, wait for Gina and Quentin to get in as well, go to the shop and buy a baseball (We also bought the yearbook) and then walk from the third base side to the first base side... The autograph session hadn't even started yet.   People were lined up near the first base dugout, but they weren't going on the field yet, so Quentin and I ran to get in line and only waited maybe a minute or two before they let us on the field.   It was perfect timing considering I was expecting to miss it altogether.

From the dugout to behind home plate the players sat on chairs awaiting the chance to sign your items.   Someone in front of me had a huge book full of baseball cards, having players sign up to six cards at a time and it was kind of crazy when you think about it that way.   We all kind of stayed single file in a line as we waited for each player to sign our ball when an employee informed us that there was no real line and you could just go up to any player you wanted.   This... This was the idea of madness and chaos.   Sure, if you had a card or something special for one or four players to sign it worked, but Quentin was out to get everyone he could to sign his baseball.

After the last player, a different employee told us to go past the third base side and exit up there.   I replied, "So go into the Bluefish dugout.   Got it" and he just looked confused.   I told him I could get drafted but he wasn't helping my case and laughing with me.   There were maybe two players in the Bluefish dugout, but this wasn't their day because, well, we will still go to a Bluefish game one day in Bridgeport and then it will be their day.

As to what we got before the game started, we got a yearbook of sorts for $5, which was well worth it.   At least two of the players inside are no longer with the Bees but it is still nice to have as a general overview of the team and as the team continues to progress for, say, ten seasons from now, I'd like to look back and have ten of these things, you know.     There are also spots that the players would specifically sign on, so you can try and collect all of your autographs within the yearbook, which is something Quentin and I may or may not do.   (People were doing it in the pre-game autograph session though, so it was just a lot of fun to see and be a part of)

We also got a scorecard for the game and it was basically the stats for both teams printed out inside a sleek looking folder of sorts.   It has Jon Griffin on the front and I knew that we then- after the first game- would have to ask Jon Griffin to sign it, even though when we did Quentin wouldn't sit still, the pen wouldn't write and I so badly wanted to call him "Griff" and was trying to make sure that I didn't because, you know, some people might not like that.

Quentin spent some time in the bounce house and on the carousel, which you buy a ride bracelet for and it's good for the entire game.    At only $5, it was a great deal since this was a double header and we had a lot of time.   The only problem was that this game was cold.   Winter levels of cold.    I didn't feel it until we sat down for the first inning and the wind started to blow.   People left to go to their cars and returned with winter jackets- I kid you not.   Kids took shelter under blankets.    Man, it was cold.   It felt like maybe 30 or so with the windchill, even though it was supposed to be 60 overall.

The Bees did a great job of putting away the Bluefish in the first game, 6-1.   They just kept tagging on extra runs and pretty much shut down the Bluefish.   It was like watching a different team, but it's always fun seeing a home team win like this.    It may or may not have also been a factor that Endy Chavez was on the injured list.   Who knows.   He got some solid hits last time we saw these two teams do battle.

A lot of people cleared out in between games, likely because of the cold.   A lot of people also cleared out during the 6th, as each game was 7 innings for the doubleheader.   Well, the second game went into extra innings and the Bees ultimately won it, but we weren't there.   We left about four innings in or so, I don't remember exactly when but the Bees were still up 1-0.     To be there from 12:30 or so until 7 pm or so- if you stayed for both games all the way through- in that cold should earn you some kind of award.   I tip my hat to you, as I am not even really sure how the players endured it.

Quentin in the Bounce House

An Artifact From Earlier Years

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