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Baseball Blog ::: Revolution 8, Bees 4 [05.21.16]

Official Box Score:[v]=graphical&frm[d]=2016-05-01&frm[e]=29

Within less than a week of each other we went to two Bees games, a Sunday game and then the following Saturday.   I knew I was starting a new work schedule which wouldn't allow me to go to Sunday day games for a while (I'd have to request the day off) so that was why we went to the Sunday game the week before and why we went on this Saturday night instead of the following Sunday.    This was also our first time seeing someone in the Atlantic League other than the Bees or Bluefish.    I want- if nothing else- to see every team in the Atlantic League before the season is over.   There are eight in total so seeing this game against the York Revolution brings us up to three in total and if we go down to Bridgeport one day and see them play someone we haven't yet we'd be halfway there.    I think we can do it.

This Saturday night game didn't have a lot of promos or whatever like they did last Sunday with the autograph session before the game and as such we didn't actually buy any merchandise this time out either.   I felt like, with the many different designs, we should have at least bought a ball, but oh well.   One day we'll just go buy all the different balls, a hat and maybe even a jersey and spend way too much in the pro shop.    It's coming, I can feel it.   This game was Military Appreciation night though and there were post game fireworks which we did stick around for oddly enough.

The funny thing about this game- but not in a haha way- is that when we got there, Quentin was sleeping.   He fell asleep on the car ride to the game and spent a decent amount of time napping before the game started.   It was funny seeing the Bees employees come up to us, as if they wanted to ask Quentin to participate in an on field promo, and then when they saw he was sleeping they went the other way.

Throughout this game, even though it ended at 8-4, there was always hope and seemingly always a chance in place where the Bees just needed that one big move to either tie the game or take the lead.   It might not have ended as closely as it should have, but it definitely felt like a back and forth game enough that either team could have won it at any given time.   There were chances for three runs to score for the Bees and that would have put them right back in it, they just didn't get the hits and RBIs that they needed.

During the game there were also several instances of both teams arguing with the umpires (especially the one at home plate) and as such both dugouts were warned and I found that to be rather funny because I was just waiting for a brawl to break out and I think everyone was to some extent.

The York Revolution were (or maybe still are) the best team in the Atlantic League when they came to New Britain but they lost the Friday night game and the Sunday game, so even though we didn't see the Bees defeat the Revolution they at least won the series.   Yes, we were at that one game where they lost but as of right now, our personal Bees record is 2-2.   Granted, we didn't stay for the second game of the double header they previously won and the first loss they took to the Bluefish wasn't an official game, but you get the point.   We're evenly matched and the next time we go see the Bees it could go either way, but let's hope for the winning ways.

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