Friday, May 20, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Series 60 Renee Young (Mattel) [Figure # 108]

We found Renee Young at Walmart at the same time as Kalisto.  Quentin didn't seem to want Renee Young as an action figure, but they only had one of her and I'd never seen her in stores before so I kind of thought that if I didn't buy this figure I might end up regretting it.   When this action figure of Renee Young was shown in prototype form and then people started buying it and posting photos on the Wrestling Figures forums, I found it funny how her face looked and kind of wanted to get it as a joke.   Now it seems like the joke is on me.

On what would be Renee Young's right eye, the black is painted so far into the nose that it looks like she has been hit in the head with a shovel.   And I don't say that to promote violence towards women, but rather in reference to the movie "Little Nicky".    She has this weirdly textured top- which seems to fit her- skirt ala Lana and boots which I can only assume are Uggs and that makes me dislike her that much more.    It is also worth noting that when this figure is able to stand on its own it makes Renee Young look like a hunchback.

I truly believe that if you're someone who dislikes someone else you should have a reason- and a good reason at that.   Renee Young has become less annoying to me lately but that's only because she no longer does commentary in NXT and most of her backstage segments on Raw are edited out in the Hulu 90 minute replay.    I once saw someone say though that Renee Young and Dean Ambrose should be an on screen couple and the way this figure makes her look, yeah, I'd believe Renee Young was crazy.

When I first started watching NXT, Renee Young was on commentary.   In one of the first matches (or maybe the first, I don't remember) of Bull Dempsey, Bull went to the top rope and hit a diving headbutt onto his opponent.   Now, I don't really pay attention to commentary because I find so much of it to be awful, but I will always remember that at that moment Renee Young said the single most stupid thing I had ever heard anyone say in perhaps all of professional wrestling commentary.

After Bull Dempsey hit a diving headbutt, Renee Young had the ignorance to ask when the last time you saw a headbutt from the top rope was.    Well, let me tell you something, Renee Young.   The top rope headbutt was a finishing move by none other than Chris Benoit and look how that worked out for him.    So I'd really rather prefer to not think about the last time I saw a top rope headbutt and I think the WWE Universe would agree with me on that.   Really, Renee Young is rather close to mistakenly calling Chris Jericho "Chris Benoit" on Raw and getting fired.

Eventually, Quentin might grow to play with these wrestling figures in a way which involves an arena and backstage area and as such, he might want Renee Young to interview people because she at least does have a hand to hold a microphone.    But the fact that she's kind of tilted down, like a bull about to charge, might make it look awkward.    Still, that won't stop me from taking strange photos of this figure now and tweeting them to Renee Young because why not.   Also, calling this figure "Derp Young" seems completely accurate.

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