Friday, May 20, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Series 60 Kalisto (Mattel) [Figure # 109]

I had seen Basic Series 60 at Target once before and maybe a piece of it or two at Walmart, but this was the first time I had seen Kalisto and Renee Young.   This particular Walmart had two Kalisto figures and only one of Renee Young though, but I also feel like this was my first time seeing the Kofi Kingston from this series in stores as well.    When I showed this figure and Renee Young to Quentin, he was really excited about Kalisto and wanted to hold him but didn't care about Renee Young.    We'll get to her later though in her own review.

Around the time that I stopped watching wrestling which wasn't WWE, Kalisto was making the rounds in promotions like PWG as Samuray Del Sol.   When I started really getting into NXT and heard that Kalisto had been known as Samuray Del Sol before signing I, of course, went and looked up some of his matches and became a fan instantly.    From briefly being by himself in NXT to forming the Lucha Dragons with Sin Cara to going to the main roster as a tag team and now seemingly being on his own as United States Champion, Kalisto has done a lot in a short time in WWE.

After a lot of series of WWE figures blew by stores (I still haven't found Sasha Banks or Bayley) I figured I would wait on this figure of Kalisto and instead just buy him as an Elite when that figure comes to mass retail.    However, when I did finally find this Kalisto figure in stores and showed Quentin, he was so excited that I got a little bit excited too and it felt like we had to buy him because even when his Elite comes out and even when he has a Battle Pack release with Sin Cara as the Lucha Dragons, well, we'll probably be buying as many Kalisto figures as we like.

The figure itself is somewhat spectacular because of the design.    He has smaller arms than I've seen on most other figures and even the torso stands out in a similar way.   He's got gold dragons on his boots, molded pieces on the sides of his tights, his belt piece and of course the back of his mask ala Ultimo Dragon.    I said it when I opened up this figure in the car for Quentin to play with and I will say it again here and now for the record: For a "Basic" figure I cannot believe the amount of detail put into this figure.

If he had those double knee joints and articulation at the torso, he could very well be an Elite figure.   I am actually rather surprised the details on the sides of his tights were molded and not painted on.    That all combined with his gloves, tattoos and arm band that he always wears which makes me think is in tribute to someone who died but he's always got it on (Though I guess people always die)

The odd part about this figure though is his mask/head.   The way it looks is actually really cool, but I can't help but feel like this is one of those Daniel Bryan situations where the mouth/chin portion of his face doesn't match up with the same color of his torso and neck right below it.   At first, I couldn't see it as being anything other than different but the more I look at it, the less it affects me so I guess it's all right.

With the way WWE is building up Kalisto right now, I would really like to see Rey Mysterio return to WWE eventually to face him.   Rey Mysterio could return- as a surprise of course- come out, shake hands and raise the arm of Kalisto before turning on him.   Why?  Well, let time unfold the reasons but Kalisto is everything right now that Rey Mysterio was in his prime.   But Rey Mysterio is no longer in his prime.   And maybe some could even argue that Kalisto is better now than Rey Mysterio was in his prime.   But Kalisto probably wouldn't be doing what he's doing without Rey Mysterio having done some of it first.

Even if WWE doesn't ever give us the Kalisto vs. Rey Mysterio dream match we should one day see, the fact remains that we can now create this match through the wonderful power known as Mattel figures and it's just one more reason to say that Mattel is making one of the most complete WWE rosters of all-time.

Quentin loves Kalisto because he is one half of the Lucha Dragons.   The first thing he did when we got home was put Kalisto together with Sin Cara and he had them face the League of Nations.    Then he found the United States title we got in the John Cena/Kevin Owens Battle Pack and put that on Kalisto since he is currently the U.S. Champion.   I do feel in some ways that Kalisto could become that new Rey Mysterio WWE wants so badly and that at one point Sin Cara was supposed to be.    And if that one day means Kalisto vs. Sin Cara, well, I look forward to that match as well.

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