Friday, April 1, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Battle Packs 39 John Cena vs. Kevin Owens [Figures # 101 & # 102] (Mattel)

I am as big a fan of anyone as Kevin Owens in WWE which is why when I found out he was getting an action figure I knew that I had to have one.    His first figure was technically a single release in the Basic series but after looking at that one online a bit and this Battle Pack with John Cena I decided that this figure with John Cena was the better of the two.   It also doesn't hurt matters any that I've not seen his singles release figure (or Bayley or Sasha Banks) in stores yet despite seeing others from the set and for whatever reason Battle Packs tend to be easier to find.    When I found this at Target though it was the only one, there were no Prime Time Players and maybe two of the Kidd/Cesaro sets.

So what makes this Battle Pack so great?   For one thing, Kevin Owens has the silver design on the bottom of his shorts, whereas the single release figure is in all black.    This figure also says "Fight Owens Fight" on the back while the other says "NXT" I believe, so the amount of detail put into this one just seems greater.    I realize his Basic figure could represent his time in NXT while this would be more towards his main roster push but these little details did sell me on this figure over his singles one.

John Cena is also in this Battle Pack and this is sort of the first John Cena Mattel figure we've bought.   We got a grab bag at Savers with John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Kane in it, so we kind of paid for a John Cena figure before but it wasn't entirely for him and it wasn't that much either.   Granted, this Battle Pack isn't just for John Cena and is really more for Kevin Owens.   If Quentin didn't like John Cena so much or we had a bunch of other figures of his I might be inclined to sell this Cena figure off.    Still, this version of John Cena is much better than our previous one (which still has jorts) and since Quentin likes John Cena so much it's a nice addition to our collection.

Their lonely accessory is an unpainted United States Championship, which they feuded over when Kevin Owens came up to the main roster, and well, we don't have a lot of title belts for these action figures (The two that came with Paige for the ladies and then the WWE Title which came with Seth Rollins) but we do already have this one because we got it in a Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose Shield style Battle Pack, though the title is currently around the waist of the Red Power Ranger (I kid you not) and on a shelf with Macho Man, DDP, Brian Pillman and a few others.

We've spent the past few weeks looking for Bayley, Sasha Banks and Kevin Owens.   We even saw the Basic series which has Renee Young and Kalisto in it, but just not them.   This was a nice way to spend what would have otherwise just felt like another wasted trip and, yeah, we're probably just going to end up ordering the divas online.   If you haven't gotten your Kevin Owens figure yet, I would go for this one over the Basic unless you have your own roster set up and want one for NXT and one for the main roster.    When an Elite version of Kevin Owens comes out, depending upon how it looks, we'll probably get that one too.

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