Friday, April 22, 2016

MP3 Review: Ask For Joy "New Private Window" (Infinitely Recursive Records) *3/14/16*

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I'm not sure why, but Ask For Joy always has me thinking about (and then typing about) things which don't really have to do with the music itself.   I tend to get that way around artists who are ambient and what not, but I expect more to write reviews for Ask For Joy like about what the music sounds like and quoting the lyrics.    But with the title "New Private Window" all I can think of is Google Chrome and how you have the option to browse the web "incognito".

Whether or not you understand all of that is irrelevant to the music but here comes some more about it.    I recently watched the series "You, Me and The Apocalypse" and in it there are these computer hackers who are trying to hack into the NSA.   In short, this one guy wants a facial recognition program that the NSA has created that can find people using their webcams in reverse.     I'm not sure whether or not something like this is even possible as I am too scared to give it too much thought, but the character has his webcam hole on his laptop covered so "they" can't see him.

It's just strange how technology effects our safety and privacy now, isn't it?   It's why you should always browse "incognito" (or open a "New Private Window") because the government will find a way to use what you're doing against you and you'll end up in some big conspiracy like "Enemy of the State".    Though, of course, everyone also just constantly posts selfies on social media so we rarely need to draw sketches of criminals any more.   (And if you're a criminal and you're "on the run" from the law, don't use FourSquare to check in somewhere)

Fuzzy, dreamy, poppy, blissed out for sure these songs are some of the best you might hear all year, but somehow I haven't really been hearing a lot about them.    Granted, I've been sitting on this review for a few months now because I never know what to write even if I can find the time to listen to digital music (Though I made an exception here because I like Ask For Joy so much and just have been listening to this album as if it was a physical submission.   Plus, you know, I like it)

From Rev Rev Rev to Bloody Knives and now Ask For Joy, I guess when you like enough artists from the When The Sun Hits compilations it's only a matter of odds as to when they'll release new music and so a number of them will overlap and release music within the same year.   That doesn't make it any less special though.    This is still one of the best albums you will hear- not just of 2016 but ever- and considering that it didn't come to me as a cassette or record that really says a lot.    Now press play and let the thunder come down on ya.

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