Friday, April 22, 2016

Cassette Review: The Wiggins "GREATER MINDS LP"

When you've listened to and reviewed The Wiggins as much as I have you begin to hear the sound as being related only to The Wiggins even though it might apply to combinations of other artists.    From psych garage pop to High Pop to the thundering bass lines of The White Stripes, The Wiggins bring forth a new set of songs that will blow your speakers and your mind-- and it's on cassette.  

Though it can be extremely fuzzy there are still times when it sounds lo-fi, which is odd because you usually can either hear that static-hiss of being lo-fi or it gets drowned out by the fuzzy distortion.   I'm not sure if I've ever heard the two together before, but of course, when you're loud and are meant to be played loud it can sometimes become something you can hear.  

By Side B you will hear a slower, western-like punk ballad, which slows things down, but for the most part these songs are loud and somewhat fast paced.    Still, it is hard for me to find compare with them since I tend to simply think of them as being The Wiggins, but I imagine it's a lot like what happened when artists like Hunx and Ty Segall first started releasing a lot of music.

 Many times, it becomes easier to say you listen to an artist than remember what first got you into them.   Maybe you heard them at a friends house or on a compilation or saw them open for your favorite band, but in this case I know The Wiggins simply through my love of searching Bandcamp with the tag "Houston".    And I understand that you might not be as crazy and search Bandcamp as much as I do, but that's okay because now you can use this cassette as the first time you heard The Wiggins.

 Through it all, as per usual, no one better sums up their music better than The Wiggins themselves.   Sometimes I wonder why I review music when it can seemingly review itself.   There are two lines which are somewhat tongue-in-cheek I'd say but they still can give you an idea of how this cassette will sound, maybe even better than anything I've typed here:

"I'm breaking all my bones
Like I'm breaking rock n roll
Hey Hey"

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