Monday, March 14, 2016

Television Review: 11.22.63 Episode Four (Hulu)

Remember that rollercoaster ride I typed about in Episode Three?  Yeah, we need to go down that hill now.   This episode actually felt a little bit bland.   I kept waiting for something to happen and it never did.   I partially thought Bill might get killed because of Jake being somewhat wreckless, but no, he didn't even so much as go face to face with Lee Harvey Oswald.

So what happened this week?   Well, Bill got closer to Lee Harvey Oswald's wife, which was probably not a good idea.   Jake met Sadie's husband (played by George from "Grey's Anatomy") who eventually gave him the divorce.    Jake and Bill got tossed out of a burlesque house.  And then we learned Miss Mimi coughs up blood.

I feel like in this episode the characters- mainly Jake and Bill- are less focused on the task at hand and are more focused on the idea that they are going to make their own stories now.   For one thing, Jake probably never should have brought Bill with him since that's altering the very fabric of time but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of the past rejecting that.

At the end of the episode Sadie found all of the bugging stuff Jake and Bill have and she asked him something dramatic like "Who are you?"   That's where we left on and you'd hope/expect that he'll come clean but I wouldn't be surprised if he tells her something like he told Miss Mimi about Witness Protection or just says he's in the C.I.A.   My bet is he will cover though he should just be honest.

Think about it: What is left for Jake in the present?   Is there anything to go back to really?   He could just spend his time in the 1960's because how many people get that choice, to go restart their lives in the past?   He's divorced and doesn't seem to have a lot holding him down in the future-present tense so why not?  I'd say take Sadie to the future-present with him but that'd only complicate things because people from the 1960's weren't meant to be around this technology.

In any case, I think this episode felt like a bit of filler because not too much happened and it didn't as much like every second counted.   They also just seemed to stray away from their mission a bit and that was strange to me.    So hopefully now as we are at a point where there are less episodes left than there are that have been shown-- that is to say we are on the downside of it all-- things can pick back up because it really needs to be now or never.

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