Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cassette Review: Chayce Halley "Bloom House" (Custom Made Music)

Chayce Halley has the sound of indie pop rock on the cassette "Bloom House".   It reminds me of Flaming Lips at times, as it can be that dreamy psych swirl, but also it can get into somewhat of a Modest Mouse sound.    There are some acoustic notes at the end of Side A and on the flip side we have cello or some sort of strings, heavy breathing, pop rock and then it all comes to an end with some lasers and drum machines.

There really are a number of different influences on this cassette as I feel it is rather layered and these are just some of the sounds from one of the layers.   It's hard for me to describe to you who else this sounds like because I've not quite heard anything like it before.   Usually, I go back to a certain time period of when I was listening to Drive Thru Records a lot or The Militia Group and then pull artists from there I could relate this with-- and that goes from Dashboard Confessional to The Lyndsay Diaries to The Rocket Summer to bands not from those labels like The Stereo.    And I just can't find someone to compare it with, even in those weird odds and ends of CDs I've received over the years that seemed to go nowhere.   But Chayce Halley is going places and you should ride along.  

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