Monday, November 16, 2015

Toy Review: Mario Andretti / Cars (Mattel)

Every time I feel as if I'm about done collecting Disney Cars toys I find another one to pull me back in.   Though, in all fairness, after the first Lightning McQueen and Mater toys I thought that from there it might be over and having just those two main characters to represent the franchise would be all right.   Nope.   Quentin wanted to build all of Radiator Springs (which we still haven't completed) and other characters perhaps were more of my choosing over him but he still plays with them just the same.

Back when we first saw Kevin Racingtire at Walmart and I saw that this Mario Andretti toy was in the same series I knew I had to have it.   I searched the pegs and a display they had made at Walmart because it looked as if they had just put out a fresh case but Mario Andretti was nowhere to be found.     For all of my searching it took until we went to Target and they had finally gotten this series for me to find this one.   It was actually funny too because after buying him I did see him again at another Target but when I first found him I felt like I was holding some toy with more value than the $3.49 price tag.

When we went to that Target, where we found this Mario Andretti, my wife said she had to go to the bathroom but my son said he didn't.   So we made our way over to toys and then after we had found Mario Andretti as a Disney Cars toy guess what?   Of course he then has to go to the bathroom!    So on our way back to the front of the store I found this Halloween display of candy and hid this toy behind some giant bags of Snickers.   

For those who don't know (And I don't really follow NASCAR or anything, so my knowledge of racing in terms of cars is minimal) Mario Andretti is an actual race car driver and the car he actually races in looks similar to his Disney Cars toy.    So, what you have to imagine is, here is a car which has been released as a toy before, how many times I do not know but I would assume it was a lot and now it goes into this series which is kind of amazing.     Again, I don't really have that NASCAR knowledge, but just imagine if Kit from Knight Rider was turned into a Disney Cars toy.    I would have to buy it.    Any type of car that can be brought in from somewhere else makes me happy for some reason and this is (probably) the first time this line has done it and so I had to be a part of it-- you understand.

I'm not sure what the future holds for Disney Cars toys (for real this time) because there are still a few characters such as Red who we don't have and perhaps should, but overall I just feel like we have enough of the characters that unless something special such as this comes along again (or a version of Mater or Lightning McQueen we really want), I'm not sure what else there is for us to collect here.    Quentin is really getting into the Planes line now though, so for whatever reason we'll probably end up with more of those toys than Cars but who knows.   Every time I think we've got all we need we somehow find more (and lots more) so we'll just have to wait and see.    But this is likely our last one for the year 2015.   Anything else we find beyond this is going under the Christmas tree.  

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