Friday, October 30, 2015

Toy Review: Star Lord + Rocket Raccoon / Super Hero Mashers (Marvel)

When I first thought about the idea of there being Super Hero Mashers based upon Guardians of the Galaxy characters I really wanted each of them (or maybe one or two of them) to come with the pieces to make Rocket.    The fact that Rocket is by himself doesn't bother me though.   And it is worth noting that I saw these figures in Target one time, bought them and have not seen them since.   It's kind of funny though because when the Mashers first started being something we bought we'd never pay full price for them.    There was always a sale or coupons or clearance.   And now, without hesitation, we bought these two Mashers at full price.   If Marvel wishes for us to do the same in the future (which means if they don't offer any more deals like before) I suggest they keep the characters at this level of quality.

Well, these pictures pretty much speak for themselves and now we have three characters from Guardians of the Galaxy released and I hope that by the time the second movie comes out we'll see the rest of them.   I really don't have any complaints about these two figures and I think it leaves a lot of options in the future.   If for some reason a GotG box set was decided to be made the Star Lord in it could be unmasked.   Or if they just wanted to include an unmasked version of his head with Drax or someone I'd totally be down with that.    And, yes, giving Rocket some of the many Iron Man weapons we have is never a bad idea.   I'm just happy Rocket and Groot are together again, really.

One of the things I've liked about building the Super Hero Mashers line is that as the new Marvel movies came out they seemed to release new figures to go along with them.   I do believe it started with Ultron, but I'm not sure.   I just wish that they would have made a Masher for Daredevil since his series premiered on Netflix, but alas, I will continue to wait for him, Kingpin, Bullseye and all of the other fun characters from his world which would be nice to have one day.    The funny thing to me though is that Marvel is doing with the Mashers what I wish they would do with their smaller figures along the size of the Imaginext line as I'd really like to see some Guardians of the Galaxy figures in that size.   Why not update all the lines when a new movie comes out?   If someone was collecting one and not the other they'd miss out, but I'm never going to say we can only get one.   If GotG had figures in the Imaginext line (Marvel version) and Mashers we'd clearly be buying both sets.

So what is on tap for Marvel next?   Well, I do hear rumblings of a Gambit movie and so I hope that means we can look forward to a Gambit Masher sooner than later.    Other characters will certainly show up here and there, but Gambit is probably one of the next big ones I'm really looking forward to hopefully getting in the line that seems most realistic at this point since Daredevil got passed over (Maybe because he has "devil" in his name?)

Okay, forget all that.

I just looked it up online and then next series is going to have Nova, Winter Soldier and Daredevil in it.

Yes.  DAREDEVIL.   Finally.

Unless some kind of coupon presents itself we'll probably pass on Nova and Winter Soldier but Daredevil is a must.    And next year we'll be seeing Drax.    Finally, proof someone out there is either reading my reviews or just taking the next logical step in moving the line forward.   Either way, kudos and I look forward to Daredevil for sure.

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