Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cassette Review: master master wait "modern war" (Sir Gregory Records)

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Upon finding the Bandcamp for Master Master Wait, it wanted me to click a button on the side to go to the Bandcamp of a label which was not Sir Gregory Records and even though this was available for €10 as a download the footnote on the Bandcamp page was very clear about it being vinyl only.   Yet here I am with the cassette.    Do you know how much seeming trouble it would save me if Sir Gregory Records just made a Bandcamp or Big Cartel site or something?  Even a Tumblr or Blogger.    But I suppose if you want music this good you're going to have to work for it.

Master Master Wait combine the sounds of electronic artists such as "Pretty Hate Machine" era Nine Inch Nails, Deathdealer and Dana Fowler And The.     It's as much modern as it is something from back when David Bowie first started shocking the world.    The songs are in a different order here than they appear on the Bandcamp page but they never seem to lose their flow or intensity as each one is as hard hitting as the next.     I'm not sure why but the song "Master Master" gives me the feeling of someone laughing at you while punching you in the stomach, which is oddly interesting as well.

As much as this might be close to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, I tend to think of it as steering further away from most of that 1980's/1990's type of synth music which brought us a great soundtrack to "The Wedding Singer" but I still feel isn't quite where Master Master Wait is and that's okay because this tends to exist in its own sense of time and space.   You could tell me this was uncovered from the past and I'd be just as inclined to believe you as if you said it was somehow sent to us from as many years in the future and how many pieces of music can you really say that about?

The second I pressed play on this one and the music started I was instantly in love.   No questions, no doubts, no hesitations.   They could have had a huge ska breakdown in the middle of one of their songs and I might have had to reconsider my passion for this but since they didn't it just goes to show me that I was right in trusting the music right away because it didn't let me down.   And it will never let you down.   Everyone deserves something stable in their life which will never let them down.   Get this cassette now and thank me later.

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