Friday, September 4, 2015

Cassette Review: De Palma "De Palma" (Hologram Skies)

While the self-titled cassette by De Palma is not a cassingle in the sense of it being one song per side, there is about ten minutes worth of music on each side here and so it can feel like a cassingle in that way just a rather long one (As I'm used to the three to four minute songs on each side for the traditional cassingle feel)   Whether you think of this as a cassingle or EP though doesn't matter because what does matter is that this is a sampling of what I'm assuming De Palma can accomplish as musicians and, well, it is quite a big deal.     This cassette is also currently sold out but the music is still available for a free download so I do suggest downloading it and hoping for a re-release on cassette one day.

My first thought of the music of De Palma is that it is darkwave and when I opened up their Bandcamp page later on for this review I saw that as one of their tags.   I'm not saying this implies the simplicity of the music at all it just is a nice way of knowing that the artist (or whoever made the Bandcamp page) and I are thinking alike and that's always good.  (People do tend to put their music in the wrong genres, sometimes just for the attention)   With some loops come some sounds of early Nine Inch Nails and then drum machines follow.   As much as this has lyrics and you can sing along, there seem to be just as much if not more moments of instrumental only pieces.    At times it can make you want to dance and at other times it can have a driving new wave feel to it as well.

On some level this does remind me of something from the 1980's and that brings about comparisons to an artist such as Screen Vinyl Image, but even without the other artists as a point of comparison I believe that this cassette by De Palma is best experienced on cassette (sorry about it being sold out) because it sounds as if it was ripped from the time when music was exclusively being released on cassette as the compact disc had not been invented yet.    Even though I, admittedly, would rather listen to anything on cassette over any other media I find it to be that much more special when the artist has what I like to consider the "cassette feel" and De Palma definitely has it.

So this cassette is sold out, as I keep typing, but you should definitely download the music for free and hope that it one day comes back around again.    If not, De Palma does have another cassette from earlier this year (This one was released in 2014) called "The Dreamer" which is still available to purchase.   In some ways, I feel like you should purchase "The Dreamer" after reading all this that I'm typing because even though this review is for a different cassette you don't want "The Dreamer" to sell out before you get your copy like this self-titled cassette has.    Both cassettes are also available through Hologram Skies, who brought you the most wonderful Travelling Wave cassette so there is no reason not to go with this anything else released by De Palma or Hologram Skies.

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