Friday, August 7, 2015

MP3 Review: Whitemoor "Pause and Effect"

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There is a familiar sound within these songs by Whitemoor.   I cannot place it to the exact source but both vocally and musically these songs can have elements of The Living End (though not as much of the rockabilly) and then there is a decent amount of Blue October in here as well.  A lot of that Blue October influence though has to do with the fact that these songs are all different from track to track, as some are slower paced and some are just belted out harder than others.    It's a nice mix of pop or just the upbeat qualities of rock without taking anything away from it just flat out rocking.

Though I don't listen to the radio much, when I do I hear songs that are either rock mixed with a lot of pop or some sort of folk which we can blame Mumford & Sons for that one.   But in the past- some odd years ago and even during what would be considered the grunge/"modern rock" eras of sound- this would have been one of those albums that had possibly only one radio hit ("A Cage For The Animals" comes to mind) but the rest of the album was just as good but didn't get the same airplay.   A number of my favorite bands fell into this pattern so it's a good sign for Whitemoor.

Some Reacharound, Supergrass, Beatles, Oasis and Verve Pipe also come out through what I still feel pulls me closest to Blue October without actually sounding like it's ripping them off and that's quite possibly one of the best places to be in terms of diversity and yet overall quality in each of your songs.    "Only Human" is among my favorites on this album and if you're a fan of rock music you need to be playing this one.

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