Friday, August 7, 2015

MP3 Review: Ancient River "Keeper of the Dawn" (Summer Moon)


I've spent more time listening to Ancient River's "Keeper of the Dawn" album than I do when I typically review music simply because I enjoy it so much and though I can kind of get lost in the sound I never come out of it at the end feeling like I have a lot to type about it.    The music is ultimately good and trippy, unlike most other artists out there today, and so as much as I enjoy the hell out of it I'm just pained in ways that I'm not able to write about it for hours on end because it is that special of an album where I should be editing down my review so as not to bore readers.

The sounds of Ancient River fall into two main groups.   On one hand there is this psychedelic quality that can be best described as "classic rock" as elements of Blue Oyster Cult ("Don't Fear the Reaper") and America ("A Horse With No Name").   On the other side of it there is something definitely modern within these songs.   It's a little bit of that understated rock n roll found within Silversun Pickups while also the dreamier qualities of someone such as Radiohead, though that would be from an album released maybe ten years or more so it's not as modern but not yet "classic" either.

If you're not impressed by the fact that Ancient River can draw influences from the past, present and future to create one sound (whereas most artists choose to stay in one time frame) then I am beginning to think, the more that I listen to this album, that the reason I don't really have much to write about it afterwards is because it sort of puts me in this feverdream state.   You know how sometimes you wake up and don't remember your dreams?  I feel like "Keeper of the Dawn" has that effect on me but in the best possible way.    I've never actually felt that way about a piece of music before and as such this is such a unique piece of trippy joy you must experience at least once in your lifetime.

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