Friday, August 7, 2015

Cassette Review: moondrawn "Chosen Shapes" (YDLMIER)

[$6 // Edition of 5 //]

When "Chosen Shapes" first begins there is a sound of video game type tones going back and forth.   Frequency laser whirrs then come in and the tones begin to shift and sound closer to a distorted cello as if the video game sense was never really there and just some part of trick my mind was playing on me.  I'm not sure how it does it but every time I hear it I think video game at first and then when it switches over I think it was actually cello (or some deep strings) all along.     Sonar blips come in next as waves crash gently and this takes a turn towards the drone.    It's distorted drone and then R2D2 beeps and birds chirping come out next.  

A beeping electronic loop brings out the next set of rhythm.   Drum blasts become added in and then there are more beeps and drum machine claps.   This goes into a quieter lightsaber sound with only but one Mario UP type of sound hidden in the background to make me go back to my video game suspicions.    As it becomes somewhat bugzapper-ish there are definite video game sounds in the background and they do eventually move out into the forefront.    Lasers and whirrs bring about a fun carnival type of ride in the land of 8bit to round out the side and at the end of it help make me not feel as crazy for hearing the video game pieces that I still do... and don't.

On the flip side we open with tones that sound more like guitar riffs on some level but yet still remind me of a video game.   Perhaps a different video game than what was heard on Side A but this has that cross between Temple of the Dog and Catslevania going on somehow.    A wavy whirr comes out next as the tone shifts to something which seems frozen in time.    This grows a little bit deeper and begins to exhibit signs of the fax modem only not nearly as harshly as I am used to hearing it.    Whirrs come through like alarms.     The distortion begins to drone out as it barely has any alterations now and is just coming through in minimal waves.

As the sounds of a pinball machine can be heard it then comes out like a car horn only instead of beeping in the traditional sense it's kind of chopped up.   This brings out some heavy Darth Vader spaceship in Return of the Jedi the Atari game type of synth drone.    Through back and forth type of strings mixed with synth come some slow motion helicopter chops that just give you the impression you're watching some scene expand at a dramatic pace.   It can almost begin to sound like record scratching and then as it ends the sounds of space can definitely be heard as it just seems to float out into the void.

So even though there are definitive video game portions to this cassette a lot of it just makes me feel like I'm drifting through space, somewhat like that movie "Solaris", and I just think it's not yet drone enough to be considered fully drone and yet ambient enough that you can put it on, relax and just let your mind take you on an adventure of some wonderful kind.    There isn't much more you can ask from a cassette of music because it's really giving you so much more than you'll ever be able to pay for with money.

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