Friday, August 7, 2015

Cassette Review: christian girls "oh my god" (♥♥ drunk with love records ♥♥)

[$5 //]

One of the first things I noticed about this cassette is that it doesn't come with a case.   It was wrapped fairly well and, yes, I have received cassettes in the mail before without cases and they don't ever seem to buckle under the pressure because cassettes are a lot tougher than people seem to give them credit for (In all actuality, I find that when cassettes come from overseas it's usually the cases which crack and not the cassettes themselves so sometimes the cases do more harm than good when being shipped since you can open a bubble mailer and have tiny pieces of plastic pour out)   Still, I like my cassettes in cases and typically I like them to be plastic as well.

For me this isn't *that* big of a deal because I have a number of spare cases to put this cassette in but for those who don't have that same sort of... umm... obsession... as I do might not be so lucky.   I just feel like throwing it into something- whether it be a cloth sleeve or paper or plastic or whatever else cassettes can be packed in these days it'd add another level to the release with the artwork, but I guess it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things because really it's about the music after all.

The sounds of christian girls is that of dreamy rock n roll with some fuzzy psych mixed in.    In the same vein as Buddy Holly these songs come out slow and mellow, before the times when Elvis Presley began shaking his hips and creating a new revolution.     While it may seem like- on paper anyway- that these songs have been done before the simple fact is that whenever I hear a song that has this slow, dreamy teenager in love sound to it there is typically a faster paced, punk n roll type of follow up song and christian girls doesn't have that.   As I typed about this being pre-Elvis, it is rather rare to find a band these days willing to commit to such a style but christian girls not only does but manages to have distinguishable songs while doing so.

I like to think of this as some sort of super cassingle as instead of being one song per side it's actually two songs per side with about five minutes worth of music per side as well.    The most recent cassette I can actually think of to be five minutes per side is actually Disleksick's "Fuck Computers" and this is vastly different from that and just a great example of how different artists can use their time.    The vocals of christian girls are also unique in the sense that they don't really sound like anybody else that I can think of and that gives them a definite advantage while mixed with a genre other bands like to touch upon but never fully immerse themselves in.   A gem among the sands, this is a cassette not to be missed.

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