Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Toy Review: Hulkbuster Iron Man / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

After seeing this figure in stores (called "Electronic Iron Man" on its packaging) I saw it on eBay for a pretty penny and got a closer look at it, revealing a Tony Stark head which made me want it.    The box is larger than what is typically one step up from the basic size figures, so it is above both the $10 sized figure and $16 sized figure.   Yes, it has that many more accessories since it is just a single Iron Man figure in here.    And  no, I didn't compare the size of it with the two packs though, so I'm not sure where it falls with them.

The biggest selling point here was obviously the Tony Stark head, which can now be used for all of the other Iron Man Mashers we have and will one day get, but then also as with the Logan version of Wolverine we can turn Tony Stark into any number of other characters.    What do you mean Spider-Man is Peter Parker?   Spider-Man is Tony Stark!   Yeah, I might be overthinking this one but I do appreciate that when characters have the more popular secret identities such as Tony Stark they give you the unmasked head as well as the masked one.   Peter Parker would be nice, Thor is unnecessary and someone like Iron Fist I could go without, but yeah, why not an unmasked Captain American too?

This is- as of right now- the closest I can tell that we've gotten to a modern movie version of Iron Man as well, as he is maroon and gold in most of the movies, or at least the solo movies he did before the Avengers branched off into their own franchise.    It's kind of strange, but there are only two other Iron Man colors out there that I know of- one is black and yellow for some reason (?) and the other is black and grey which is the War Machine version and, yeah, I'd like that one but he comes in a large box as well.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Walmart had this priced at some odd number that rounded up to $30 (I think it was $29.92... maybe) but then for some reason it was marked down on clearance to $15?    That definitely worked a lot better for me.    When we first saw this Iron Man Masher at Walmart though, he was in a special section for clearance toys and when we went back to actually get him, he wasn't there anymore but actually in the regular section of toys.   Oh well.   Whatever, Walmart.   Keep on clearancing your toys and I'll keep on buying them.

I was sold on this Iron Man based on the fact that a) He looks like an Iron Man which we don't currently have/doesn't exist otherwise, b) he comes with a lot of weapons and c) the Tony Stark head in addition to the helmet head, and obviously the price point didn't hurt matters either, so of course I didn't realize until we got home and opened it up that Iron Man also happens to light up.   He also has a small screw on his back, so it seems like his batteries can be replaced when needed.

I'm not sure how else you can describe how cool this Iron Man is because even though I like the red and yellow one we already have, as he is sort of the essential/classic Iron Man look for me, and as much as I'd want War Machine (and I'd buy him for $15 or under as well), the fact is simply that this is quite possibly the best Iron Man Masher out there right now- and, again, there are some really good ones- and I've only ever seen it this one time at this one Walmart so he might also be hard to come by which I will attribute to his popularity and quality.

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