Friday, June 5, 2015

MP3 Review: Yes Sunshine "No No No" [single] (Mint 400 Records)

[Available for purchase here:]

If you like fast paced, upbeat punk n roll then "No No No" by Yes Sunshine is a great song for you.   It falls somewhere between The Living End and Showoff musically, which is great for me because I love both of those bands and feel like I haven't really compared anything to them in such a long time.   And as much as I think of it as being "pop" in the sense that it is catchy, with the chorus being the title of "No No No", it does also have this certain energy to it that could just as easily come from one of those bands from Minneapolis after grunge kind of faded out (See: the movie "Losers Take All")  So I like this song most perhaps because while it is only a single song, and perhaps not the  best way to judge an entire band and the other songs they could create- because this could be part of a full length with at least probably ten other songs- it has that base sound to it that is going to pull it into one of two possible directions but either way it goes I'm fine with.

What I'm trying to say is that I cannot predict how the rest of the songs by Yes Sunshine will sound based upon "No No No", but I know that I like that about this song and that there are greater odds than not I will like any other songs by them.   Also, do note the fact that this band has "Yes" in their name and the song has the opposite word in it.   While that has caused me to sometimes want to think of the band as being "Yes Yes Yes Sunshine" (or at least "Yes Yes Sunshine"), you have to wonder if this was intentional as the first single simply because of that when they probably have other songs to choose from without "no" in them.   So I do like that sort of contrast about it as a single release also.

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