Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Panty Pantera "Monos que se Ríen" | 12" (Discos Humeantes)

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For all that i've heard of Panty Pantera before I am still in love with them after these six songs.    It's somewhere between The Go-Go's and Letters to Cleo as there are melodic songs with a tambourine on "Sombras" and just that pleasant vibe as well which reminds me of That Dog.    There isn't really a modern band I can compare them with as much as a more obscure band from the 1990's but that isn't a bad thing.    Still I hear elements of surf and garage which might bring about other bands from that genre in the current sense but not any of them directly.

As with the new album by Jay which I also reviewed this will eventually be released by Discos Humeantes as what I believe to be a 12" record.    If you haven't already purchased their previous 7" record I reviewed then you most certainly will want to get your hands on this one.    So, yes, do expect me to buy this with Jay when they are released and you should be seeing some pictures with that as well.   Until that time comes just sit back and enjoy the music digitally because it does have quite an appeal to it, does it not?   It's just so good.

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