Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MP3 Review: Yukon Blonde "On Blonde" (Dine Alone Records)


I feel as if Yukon Blonde is one of those bands that I've heard the name of before but never actually listened to for some reason.    When I found "On Blonde" hanging out on my phone in the Sound Cloud app I decided to give it a listen and continued to listen to it for quite some time because of the range of the music on here.     It's got that great cassette feel to it, where it's something from the 1980's and could be right past the big bands that were on record and then that sort of new era of new bands that made their names on cassette.   It also has some funk to it, some R&B if you will, and it reminds me of any number of influences.

On one hand, the songs can be synth pop as they have that overall feel to them of even just being poppy.   It's Neon Trees mixed with Spoon at both of their finest and other elements can come out such as Duran Duran, Phantom Planet and, yes, at times I do even like to think of this as being a somewhat more upbeat version of The Cure.   On a song like "Hannah" there are folk harmonies while "Saturday Night" is just a remarkable dance number.  By the end of these melodic and pleasant songs, most of which would make for good roller disco, you can hear Tom Petty on "Favourite People".

"On Blonde" is somewhat of the epitome of what an album can sound like when you feel like you've heard it before but cannot place it to one single artist.   There are many times when I'll press play on something and quickly identify the other artist it sounds exactly (Those albums don't get reviewed because they'd be far too short) but I cannot do that with Yukon Blonde no matter how much the feeling that I should be able to is planted in the back of my mind.   "On Blonde" is quite possibly the feel good album of the summer, but that isn't to say I wouldn't also listen to it in all of the other seasons.

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