Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Toy Review: WWE Series 44 Big E (Mattel)

When I bought Kane in Series 44 I thought it was the only figure I would get in this set.   Then a sale had me pick up Goldust, mostly for my son.    And somehow, Titus O'Neil who hasn't had that many figure releases is someone who I've seen on numerous occasions but just never bought.   This Big E figure was at Savers still in package for $3.99 and since I know he'd be at least $10.99 if not on sale in stores I decided he needed to be ours.    It was just too good of a deal to pass up.

What's funny is that I wasn't planning on buying any figures from New Day until they made a New Day set.   I said this in my Kofi Kingston review and this was the same idea.   They had so many Big E figures out there (Even more Kofis though) that I didn't know which attire to get him in so I was just going to wait it out.   And then this opportunity presented itself, so what choice did I have?

The first thing I noticed right out of the box was that Big E is as tall as Kofi Kingston.  I thought this was done in error, but looked it up and they're actually rather close in height in real life.    I guess I never really paid attention to it before, but being "Big E" I always thought he had a certain size advantage over everyone else and that also included his height.    This could be considered a former NXT wrestler figure but Big E is also a long way from his King Kong Bundy gimmick now, isn't he?

My son told me that we need to get the third guy now to have all of the New Day.   I'm not sure how Mattel is going to handle the release of New Day figures, but I would expect there to at least be elites for each of them (The first elite for Xavier Woods) and then maybe a basic for Xavier Woods and a two pack for Big E and Kofi.   Either way, I'd want to buy all three basics so they can match.   I expect that maybe at this time next year there will be a three pack of them at Kmart and on WWE television they will be long disbanded.

I'm not going to actually go through and count them out by series, but having these three figures from this series might just be the most figures I have from a series since Mattel took over the WWE license.   I used to buy the Jakks figures like candy, you know, I'd leave one or two only behind per set and sometimes I'd just buy the whole series.    But now I'm being more picky, trying to be less addicted and simply just taking a figure here or there.   I've yet to really feel compelled to buy an entire set and that's not a bad thing.

The Big E figure itself is what it is.    He has such a unique body mold because he's just built like that in real life.   He reminds me of Rhino in ways, physically.    This does make it somewhat awkward for him to stand because he's so top heavy and his boots are so small he kind of buckles at the ankle joints.    His head is also kind of awkward because it just seems like it's too big for his body.   The hair and face seem to be the right size, but the head itself just kind of ballooned up somehow and it makes him look strange and not as accurate to real life.   But these are problems that plague all Big E figures from what I can tell, so for those who already have a Big E figure this is nothing new.

So if you can find this figure- or another Big E figure like it- for $3.99 still on card then go for it, buy it.    But I wouldn't pay full retail for a Big E figure until he comes out in New Day attire and I am really standing by that this time.

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