Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Toy Review: WWE Battle Packs 33 Andre the Giant and Big Show (Mattel)

I have to say that if nothing else, this is quite possibly the biggest battle pack that ever existed, pound for pound this thing is just heavy.    And what I find even funnier is that they stick a table in here as an accessory when I was expecting something like a microphone.    This is a pretty easy way to feel as if you're getting your money's worth and even more so, with the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal there has been even more comparisons as of late between these two and so it makes for a good battle pack just because they are both the giants of professional wrestling.  (Sorry Khali)

This is the first Andre the Giant figure that Mattel has made that wasn't in elite form (as far as I remember) and since I didn't have a Big Show up until this point either, this is also a good excuse to get my first Big Show figure.    My son is really getting into having the figures when he is watching Raw or Smack Down! and having them act out what they're doing on television.   For a while there it felt like Big Show was in every single segment and so we missed a lot of  chances to act things out.   But now- after "Extreme Rules"- we haven't seen nearly as much of the Big Show, though I'm not complaining.

Both of these figures are just really solid and as Andre the Giant comes in his black singlet, there isn't really a lot of detail to be had (even with the Big Show)   Their head scans are both right on, so I can't really complain about either of these figures.    I don't feel as if these are wrestlers who need the elite articulation either simply because of their massive size, so this just seems like the perfect way to have both of these figures.   Most WWE fans have probably already got a Big Show figure though, so they're either going to pass on this or be upset by the fact that they have to get "Aww man, another Big Show".    If I had a Big Show figure already, I probably would not have bought this.

My only problem with this battle pack- and it is a big one- is that both of Big Show's hands are open.  I understand that one is open for the chokeslam but the other appears to be open to hold a weapon.   Why doesn't the Big Show have a fist?   The knockout punch is one of his finishers.   This only seems logical.    The trouble is, Big Show might be right handed and thus he uses the same hand to chokeslam someone that he does to knock them out.   I can understand that.   But why not just pretend he does one with each hand and give us a fist?  Would it have really been that hard?   If I had to choose fist or chokeslam though, I probably would have chosen fist anyway.

This is also my first Mattel table, which isn't too much unlike the Jakks tables except it does seem a bit sturdier somehow, but you have to love that WWE logo on the table-- so realistic.   If nothing else, you can play the game where you stand both Andre and Big Show on the table and see which one falls over first.   Bonus points if the table breaks.   But there isn't too much else to say about these two giants.    They pretty much speak for themselves, much like they did in the ring.   I'm happy to have Andre in my "new school" collection and a Big Show seemed inevitable so this was the set from this series to get.   I just wonder now what will happen- since Target seemingly skipped the series before this- when and where the next series will pop up first because that's Rusev and Lana.

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