Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Toy Review: Deadpool / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

Deadpool was the first and thus far only Marvel Masher I have come close to paying full price for simply because of how much I wanted him.   The first time I saw him was at a specific Target store, but I passed him up.  I kind of regretted it and so when we went back and he was still there I didn't hesitate as I had not seen him anywhere else, in any other store, ever.   Deadpool is more of an "elite" figure, as he is at a larger price point than those I have reviewed and purchased before this.   The price is closer to $16 though we did have a Cartwheel coupon for him that gave us 15% off.

The way that Deadpool has grown into a cult phenom is somewhat amazing and with the movie being released soon I expect a re-release of this seemingly hard to find figure but I'm not counting on it.    He has that "Hey, how did he get in here?" quality of Ghost Rider, which I feel is another reason why I really wanted him to be part of this collection of toys for children.   For the record though, my son doesn't care-- he loves Deadpool as if he is Spider-Man, though he isn't always sure whether he is a good guy or a bad guy (Neither am I)

In terms of how this figure looks you couldn't ask for a better Masher.   He comes with two swords (the same ones as Wolverine), three throwing stars and a giant gun which actually fires a plastic missile.   These added accessories and packaging are what make the price point go up and, in my opinion, it's not really worth it as I'd rather pay even just $10 and not have the gun and stars but for Deadpool you knew I had to do this.    I wouldn't do it for many other characters, so do keep that in mind, Hasbro.  (And I will not give you the names of the ones that I will)

I really feel with Deadpool though that it's not a matter of people not wanting him in their collection or not liking the figure but rather simply being able to find him in stores.  I feel fortunate enough to have found him at Target (and then have gone back and him still being there for me to actually buy him) and now he is kind of the exception to an otherwise "I paid a lot less than mass retail prices for these figures" collection.

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