Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Toy Review: Captain America & Spider-Man / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

Eventually, I do plan on reviewing these figures individually, but as of right now it just seems easier because my second round of Marvel Super Hero Mashers came from Five Below once again and included Captain America and Spider-Man.     It is worth noting that these were the last two I have bought at Five Below as well, though they still have a black and gold version of Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Green Goblin and Ice Man figures which I haven't got in my collection on the whole.

These are two of arguably the most popular and kid friendly characters in all of the Marvel Universe and so having them to mix parts around with and just as characters in general makes perfect sense.    Captain America reminds me a lot of that same older style action figure as the brown scheme Wolverine because he is a very bright blue.   For some reason though, the bottom half of his face looks like the popular hardcore wrestler The Sandman to me.    His only accessory is his shield and that makes sense.

Spider-Man usually has lines around his suit but in this case he's all smooth.   His blue is dark and not so dark as to indicate the new "Amazing Spider-Man" movie feel but it's not as bright as some of the older Spider-Man figures were either.    Though I do expect a brighter blue Spider-Man at some point if he doesn't already exist simply because there are already other version of Spider-Man out there.   His accessory is webbing that you can place to shoot out of his hand that makes the metal sign.  

Now these two Mashers (and the two that came before them) are what I like to think of as being "basics" figures as they really just come with one accessory (Well, two swords in the case of Wolverine) and are at the $10 price point.   They do make Mashers in larger packaging for more money, which I will get to soon enough (Next review!) but the funny thing is, I went around to several different Five Below stores after I found these looking for guys like The Hulk, Thor and especially Deadpool and I couldn't find them.    I would only realize later it is because these characters are simply not made in this "basic" form.

While I don't forsee Five Below as getting any new Mashers in their $5 collection, it will be nice to eventually pick up the rest of them that they have to offer so as to round out the collection.   These are obviously the top four out of the eight that they have to offer and from here we are moving onto the next wave of Marvel Mashers which, oddly enough, we got entirely from Target.

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