Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MP3 Review: Death and Vanilla "To Where the Wild Things Are" (Fire Records)

[£12 for CD // £16 for Vinyl // £10 for Download //]

Sometimes when I listen to music I can hear influences that create a sound and it comes out in a way I can't quite fully describe.    With Death and Vanilla I don't have that problem, but even though I can describe this music don't let that take away from just how good it is.     There are soft vocals and it's somewhere between Bjork and Garbage right off.   There are some bells, soft tones and xylophone parts as well.   Within all of this- what I call bliss pop- comes the sound of psychedelic fuzz which can also help to channel bits of The Doors.

The vocals get whispery at times as they can come out like Cowboy Junkies' "Sweet Jane" or it can just feel like a trippy version of Kimbra.     Aesthetically, I'd say this sounds like bubbles popping though it doesn't actually sound like that.   With magical swirls I do believe I also can hear a flute in here as well.    Would it be fair to say this sounds like a more serious version of a soundtrack to "H.R. Pufnstuf"?  Because I get that vibe from this, but I'm totally digging it.

This isn't bang your head metal or get up and dance in the club beats, but it is really beautifully music woven through the fabric of time and space.   Bliss pop is the best genre for it and though my other comparisons ring true- in my mind- it doesn't make it any less amazing.   Yes, I am addicted to Death and Vanilla, no matter how silly their name might be.

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