Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cassette Review: Lesionread "Lesionread's Greatest Hits!" Vol 1 (Live God Records)

[$7 // Edition of 50 //]

The Greatest Hits of Lesionread is in fact a collection of remixes and oldies, as per the linear notes.   Still, if you have never heard Lesionread before (and I hadn't before this cassette) then this would be a rather fitting introduction to them I feel because even if some of these songs are so well remixed that they sound drastically different in their original form I still feel as if they will have a great amount of powerful sound.

On Side A we have electronic beats that even my three year old son knows make you dance.    There is an audio clip sampled and then it becomes pop rock in a way like Capitol Cities "Safe and Sound" (which is a song I was never really a fan of before my son said he liked it so much)    It's funky electronic with singing and a slow number for the ladies.    It could be synthwave and there is even some clapping.

There is a line about doing it "for the rush" and I agree, as do the Legion of Doom.   It somehow goes into this "Head Like a Hole" type of electronic music before a commercial for Spotify comes on.    The commercial is mocked and rightfully so because I recognized it right away and it's just so annoying.  (I also do not like the commercials and ones that have music in the lead so you think it might be the next track but is actually an advertisement for some other artist's album)

The last song on Side A is about making art all day long and it has an old school hip hop vibe to it.   Maybe Kool and the Gang.    Side B has a saxophone and singing to kick off.   There is some dinging electronic and then soulful singing into trill.   There are chaotic horns and eventually we go through some more electronic and hip hop sounds, complete with a rapping section.

Patterns come through like big, triumphant whirrs.   Beats, beats and beats.    Keep their heads ringing.   A modem sound and then vocals come back in, somewhere between being robotic and rapping.  Can you make your laptop rap?   This might be onto something here.     There still exists this particular flow to the beats that makes you feel as if you're walking a certain pace, just kind of strutting along with that lean.

It is worth noting as well that Side A is actually the "Greatest Hits" of Lesionread, while Side B is some remixes and oddly enough none of the songs being remixed appear on Side A in their original form.   So there should be enough source material on Side A for you to decide whether or not you like this.     And who knows maybe one of these artists responsible for a remix will pull you in.

For me, this is just a great example of something between electronic music and hip hop (which probably has a genre name I am simply unware of/do not wish to know) and it is just full of enough energy and variety that there really is never a dull moment.

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